Goin' to a Nerd Convention

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I think all conventions are nerdly, actually. But whatever. Tomorrow begins the California Junior Classical League Convention, which will last for two days and be super nerdsome and fun. And our entire delegation will be clad in incredibly spiffy black-and-gold togas made by me and my mother, and we will have the coolest uniforms at the whole convention, and win all manner of fabulous prizes not just for our togas but for our assorted awesomnesses of various nature, and mostly there will just be a few thousand nerdly Latin students all nerding around together in one place. Yeah.

Also I have lots of good artwork this year. Or at least decent.

Also, Mr Fusion got braces today and I'll be gone for two days so I don't have to listen to most of his whining about how much his teeth hurt.

Also, this means two whole days with Regi and Leaena. Serious fun.

Also, Leaena's probably going to be my prom partner. Not sure whether 'date' is the right word, but I don't much care whether it is. I am pleased to have a prom partner who isn't Ladybug, although I am worried about how to politely turn down Ladybug's offer.

Also, on the subject of prom, I have parental approval for tuxedo and cape. Oh yeah. And we got a brochure that sells tuxedo pieces for surprisingly little money, on account of how they're choir-grade tuxedos and not prom-grade tuxedos, like I really care, so I may end up actually owning at least part of a tux. Oh yeah. I really want the vest part especially.

But mostly: Gaaaa, Latin convention tomorrow!!

(I'm excited, can't you tell?)


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you are too cool right now.

you are too cool right now. I love people who're nerdy about awesome/interesting things, be they latin or tuxedos. You're super dope. Have an awesome time!