I was going to post something interesting...

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I forget what it was about, I really can't remember.
And the reason for that is I'm a little shaken up. I think my computer got virused or something. Because NOTHING is working, it's asking what program I want to open it with, like I open Internet Explorer, and it asks me what I want to open it with, and there's only one option, Internet Explorer, so I say that, but then it asks me with the same message what I want to open that with.
And my parents are currently gone, picking my brother up from the airport, and I KNOW I'll have to tell them eventually what's going on, but I'm kinda scared, because what if it was my fault?
I dunno even what's going on anyway. I'll check it tomorrow and see how my computer's doing. I don't think I did anything wrong though, because I really don't visit hardly any sites besides here, FB, Youtube, and Wikipedia.
And the New York Times sometimes... I dunno what risky activities I've done that coulda gotten my computer virused :P

Anyway, in case you're wondering how the hell I'm posting if my computer is not working, and fortunately I have a laptop as well as a computer. I mostly just use it to watch movies on trips, but it does have Internet as well, and this site was originally blocked, but fortunately I planned ahead when I came out to my dad and told him to unblock this site on my laptop as well as my desktop :P
Smart me.
And I was so relieved when I remembered that, because frankly, I was terrified at the thought of having no Oasis. I dunno why, I rarely say anything interesting anyway, and I'm not going to run off and get a boyfriend anytime soon, or at least that's how it's looking.
And I don't think I'll all of a sudden have suicidal internalized homophobia...
So I dunno why I need this site, maybe for the amazing Matthew...
Well I enjoy this site anyway, and I don't really have anything else to do during Spring Break, except now, sit around and worry about the shitstorm that may be ahead about my wrecked computer...
I love you guys!


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Having graduated to Macs 4 years ago... I'm really out of touch.

But... stay away from those sites that offer diagnoses online! Of course, I guess this is not a problem since you can't even open IE.

Are you able to access IE when you boot your PC in safe mode? If so, you're likely on your way to a solution... it just remains to determine which offending app (not loaded in safe mode) is the culprit.

If your PC has some age on it, it is very likely that a bad sector has developed on the HD... Not sure what it is now called in Windows... but you should run something like scan disk to check for bad sectors (this program can take a long time to run). That program will likely give you an option to attempt repair if a bad sector is found. This will work... but only if you're very lucky :(

If you are able to access documents that you cannot afford to lose (e.g., porn)... hopefully you're able to download copies to an external drive before risking repairs.


"I rarely say anything interesting anyway"

WRONG... and so atypically self-deprecating :(

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I got a virus on my laptop

I got a virus on my laptop within the first 3 days of buying it. Technology sucks, I must say. Do you have any sort of virus protection on your computer? I made the mistake of not installing protection the SECOND I bought my laptop, and then the virus fucked everything up.

You bring up lots of interesting topics for discussion, in my opinion.

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It won't last forever...

...but for the present, very little attention is being given to produce viruses to infect Macs. But with Mac's increasing popularity, this privileged position will become vulnerable just like Windows...

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I got an extremely

I got an extremely irritating virus from google a few days ago, and after I cleared it up, this happened to me too. I just right click and select "Run as administrator" to open things.

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Are you able to open any apps?

How about Word or Firefox? Anything?

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try to get firefox as a temporary browser (if even possible [how did you write this journal?]).

Then go here, download and install Microsoft Security Essentials:


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Sounds like your program

Sounds like your program associations were removed, or the default action for shortcut pointers have been changed. Normally you should be able to browse for what program you'd like to open a file with (right click, "Open With"), or it will ask you what you'd like to open it with. Further, you should be able to have access to all programs. Just try pressing the "Windows" key + "R" to open the run dialog, and type "iexplore.exe" to open up Internet Explorer, for instance (or simply browse to a location). You could probably browse through explorer to the program location and launch it that way, without the use a of a shortcut. Your registry sounds damaged, not the shell. It doesn't make any sense to not be able to open programs when programs are obviously running to begin with (kernel and service processes have to be accessed to even run a computer).

Then again I use a Mac, and haven't actually used Windows Vista or Windows 7 in depth. So have fun!

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Huh I dunno if it's too late to do this,

But you could always set your computer to like, three months ago or something before you saw signs of the virus. I'm not sure how to do it but I think I helped Super Duck get rid of hers that way.
Amazingly offensive <3