Interesting times in the life of Eli

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Nausea has returned
Good=0, Bad=1

New dose of medication
Good=0, Bad=2

Made it through yesterday
Good=1, Bad=2

Will be in therapy in 14.5 hours (nope....I'm not counting down..coughcough)
Good=2, Bad=2

Want to isolate
Good=2, Bad=3

Trying to resist isolation tendencies
Good=3, Bad=3

Today there was something at my school about the importance of speaking up about mental illness, depression and suicide. It came after my worst night in a long while (yesterday night) and so it was so powerful.

And to my new bestest guyfriend....< know who you are ;)


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*shyly bats eyelashes*

*shyly bats eyelashes*

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I'm so jealous...


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will you be my bestest gaj

will you be my bestest gaj friend?

radiosilence95's picture's a tie this's a tie this time...

I think the good things should be worth double. So I declare that the score is not 3-3. It's 6-3. Yay!

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I think

At the end, both of your things were =3, which is the awesomest web show evar, and that should count at as a good thing, so it's 4-3.
Unless I'm just being confusing, in which case, ignore me =3