man I hate neo-nazis...

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I mean, sometimes I have a bit of a racial tendency to say the wrong shit, due to my dad's family history w/ the klan and other hateful organizations, and I might let the n-word slip, but tonight, I about witnessed a black kid get killed by an ABT member in seattle.

ABT for those who don't know, is one of the most rapidly growing, aryan/ neo-nazi prison gangs in the US today.

So, I went to an Amon Amarth show tonight in seattle. For those of you who don't know them, they are a hard-core, viking metal band...that's right, viking in songs based on historical battles and norse myth....

fucking shredders!

anyway, the pit got a bit outta hand tonight. there was this one guy I could tell was gonna be trouble when he entered the mosh-pit. he was tatted all over, though I didn't read them at first, and he was trying to throw punches @ people, and he actually caught me in the head and jaw a few times, but lucky blows.

@ one point, the lone black kid @ this concert decides to enter the pit, and after being thrown around a bit, he catches the eye of the aryan....

so, said aryan, knocks his ass to the floor and starts kicking, punching and beating the hell outta this poor kid, for no reason other than him being the pit intensified, he kinda got lost in the shuffle, until the security guard, myself, and two other guys took notice of what he was doing.

Right as aryan douchebag goes in to stomp the guys head- possibly killing him, at least seriously injuring him, we all grabbed ABT douche, and tackled his ass to the floor. he was kicking, screaming, froth gushing out of his mouth...pure hate. no joke.

he almost killed this kid tonight. fortunately, the security guard was able to get cuffs on him after we restrained him, and took him out to be handled by the Police department....

but tonight got me is it that today, in the world we live in, that racism and hate like that still exist on such a broad level? I mean, the ABT is now in Washington state! how the hell did a texas prison gang make its way up here? and why are they here in such numbers? there was definitely more than one of them there tonight witnessing their brother being arrested, but fortunately, they were smart enough to do nothing.

The show was fucking crazy. I haven't been in a pit that intense since I saw slayer and lamb of god together! I took a few hard blows, and at one point, someone split my lip and I thoguht I lost a tooth.

Also, someone's blood literally ran down my arms, and I had to go and wash it off in between songs.

but all in all, tonight was fun. good concert, finally got to see one of my favorite bands live, and that kid didn't get killed.

turned out well, I'd say.


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Okay first hate crimes are what bring the world down- it's all just fear. Second you go to some pretty hard core concerts- geeze poor kid. Anyway yeah that stupid group is growing all over. It's pretty arrogant and sadistic.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." -M. Gandhi

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haha, I do...

But then again, i can be a pretty hard core person. I like bands like 3 inches of blood, amon amarth, slayer, children of bodom, in flames, ozzy, sabbath, etc.

yeah, he was lucky we jumped in, if we hadn't, he would be in a pretty bad spot right now.

That nazi fuck laid it into him pretty good.

I came out alright, though i can't take a punch as well as I used to, I have afew bruised ribs, and someone split my upper lip when they hit me. lol

but that's the price you pay in the pits. moshing is fun, but sometimes it gets outta hand when aggressive, angry people get involved.

And while I agree that hate crimes suck, I also despise the fact that they are called hate crimes. sometimes you just want to beat somebody's ass, but if they're of another color, s/o or race, watch out!

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Damn! That happened in Seattle?!

That stuff is so unheard of up here! At least in my experience.

But that's crazy... I'm sorry you had to witness that D:
Amazingly offensive <3

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yes shelby...

it did happen in seattle, and there are white supremacist groups here, including the ABT, but no one ever talks about it because they don't want to. a few years back, the klan tagged my mom's church and burned down their cross because they were going against god and inviting homosexuals into their congregation...c'mon guys, it was the fucking UCC!!!

but yeah, they exist here. sadly to say, I used to subscribe to some of thier ideals when I was a younger kid. I learned though.

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Death or hearing a whole viking metal concert... it's a tough call which I'd rather.

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You know what?

My brother told me that there were like 11 neo-nazi association things in the country, and that 1 of them is in a building in our very little town of like 10,000. Which is weird. I didn't know we had a lot of neo-nazis here.
But apparently our town is good enough for that :P

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there are more of them than you know in your smalltown...I do love it where you live, but there are a ton of fucked up people there man.

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There's some place...

...where this isn't true? :)