More poetry...

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But this one's not depressing so it's in another post...


You look at me and stare into my eyes.
I kiss you, pull away, and sigh a few sighs.

You look at me and ask if I feel okay.
But, the truth, I don’t think I can say.

My mind wanders and I start to feel bad.
You look at me and can tell that I’m really sad.

You lean toward me and hug me, whispering into my ear.
Your hand reaches up, and wipes away a small tear.

You glance at me and smile; I’m lost in your charms.
I remember nothing matters, as long as I’m in your arms.


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this isn't a critique as

this isn't a critique as much as something i'm curious about...

why do you choose to use the same structure for all your pieces?