My boyfriend is so good for me

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I was away at a debating competition for the whole day... I got back he's made my bed, washed (and dried and folded) all my clothing, tidied my room and even vacuumed my floor! And he threw my cigarettes away! (yay?)

He also bought me a soft toy + other things ;)


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Does it...


Anyway... I think you'd better keep this one. He sounds like a good complement...

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That made me "lol"
But yes, keep him. :)

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Aww, that's cute.

I wish somebody would do all of my chores for me. :P

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And he threw my cigarettes

And he threw my cigarettes away! (yay?)

but i'm happy he got you a vibrator (L)

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a soft toy...and other things ;)? sounds like you have come far in the past year, young max...anyway, that's awesome. he sounds like a keeper, dd free, cares about you, and he threw your cigs away- that is a nasty habit to begin with my friend.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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thanks for commenting

and you guys are all crazy ! especially you magic fantastic ;)

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Do I sense correctly...

...that Canada is approaching the top of the list for projected graduate studies? :}