My Weeekend was great!!

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The sun was shining and I had decided to take a break from my laptop.

I went out and played with Lacy my dog and it was so warm out so I took out a book and did some reading.

And guess what me and my little brother barely fought at all, and the one time was only because (yes I admit it) I was being an idiot, I tricked Lacy into knocking him over, but I apologized, and it was okay and by the end of the day we were friends again (usually he holds a grudge longer).

He even joined me for a bit of fencing practice (not fence post fencing, sword fencing). We had a nice little bout and then went inside, I got a shower, and then me and my brother had a little card game, we watched TV and every one went to sleep.

I know it sounds a bit boring but the sun then was brilliant so warm and I was outside and the rest of the family was outside and it was just soooo great.


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Lucky you. The weather here

Lucky you. The weather here sucks. It's all windy and cold. I just want to go outside and walk and read a book and write poetry in the sunshine. And go swimming in my backyard pool with my little sister. *Sigh*

You fence? Sweet!