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So, I had to go by my mom's friend's house, and on the way home, I passed by IG's boyfriend. He was out walking and carrying his skateboard. It was awkward because we know each other because of IG but don't really talk. I was at a stop sign, so I was kinda stuck. Haha. Don't you just hate that awkward eye contact you make when you see someone you kind of know but aren't really friends with, and neither person is really sure if they should wave or not?

Mr. Troll the economics teacher, while usually irritating, is the one of the only useful people at school right now. Today, he said that the seniors in our class had to go ahead and take their test soon because next Wednesday is their last day to get grades and stuff. Finally, Mr. Troll serves a purpose! So, I guess I have a couple extra days with FCG, then. This is good, but it also means I have a couple of extra days (plus an entire extra weekend) to dread Wednesday. I just can't stop thinking about how much it's gonna suck when my FCG leaves. :'( If Mr. Troll is right, then I have 6 more days with her now instead of 3. Everything is such a huge clusterfuck. I wish they'd just make a clear announcement stating when the seniors' last day is so I can adjust my level of panic accordingly. Of course, with my luck, he could be trollin' again, and it's not next Wednesday. He would so totally do that if he knew how much I have to have this information.

There was a huge, terrible test in French today, so FCG and I didn't get to talk much, and there was no time for hair-touchings. We did have a small conversation before it started, though. We were talking about how much the test was going to suck, and it eventually morphed into how I couldn't pay attention in French class (I didn't tell her it was because of her wonderfulness, though!) and how she made money by doing some people's homework.

I need to check my grades, but I'm scared to see chemistry. I just checked them anyway, and I have a low C. I've failed just about every single test I've taken in chemistry this quarter. Even Old Crush has a higher grade than me, and that's just sad. Everything else is going pretty well, though. Oh, wow, I apparently made a 98 on that French test I didn't even know anything on! Wow! I must be pretty lucky. Or maybe I absorbed more of the stuff than I realized. Hmm. I was pretty sure that "J'adore FCG!" was the extent of my knowledge currently, considering I didn't listen to a thing we were supposed to do in class this past week.

So, this girl in the grade above me admitted she was bi. No one is giving her any shit for it so far, although she does have a boyfriend right now. I've talked to her a few times before. She randomly gave me advice on geometry last year, and she's friends with Girl Best Friend. Interestingly, my friends who don't believe I'm gay believe her and have no issue with it. It is good that they actually believe her and don't mind, but dude, WHY is it so hard to believe me? There is no way they could not know! Whenever I tell a FCG story, Girl Best Friend says stuff like, "You have like, a legit obsession with this FCG!" and "I believe you and your FCG would make a lovely couple~" yet somehow believes I'm straight despite everything I've ever said on the subject. And IG and another girl actually see the French class stuff firsthand. None of these people have an excuse to even sort of think I'm straight!

There is no valid reason to think I'm straight. I am 16 years old and have never had a boyfriend nor called any guy hot/attractive/etc. I wrote an essay for English class on why gay marriage should be legalized. When my friends discuss what features they find attractive, I say, "Hmm, I have a thing for blue-eyed blondes." (And I never join in the conversation if they specifically state, "_____ is hot on a guy." I only join if it's a general kind of statement because I never join any conversations about the attractiveness of guys because I don't find any attractive.) This is important because I like to tell the people who take Spanish stories about my French class, which often involve gushing over a girl who fits that description perfectly.

Ughhh, it happens all the time and just makes me rage. There is nothing heterosexual about a Super Duck!


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Bonjour! Je m'appelle Chris. J'aime le pizza et mon amis. *random french stuff FTW*. Est-ce que tu es mon amis? ^_^

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I'm horrible at the gender-adjective-agreement-verb shit. :P But I'm epic at conjugation

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This is probably alllll wrong, but...

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Super Duck. J'aime ma voiture, mon chat, et ma freakazoid! Et oui, je suis ton amie!

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It's okay Super Duck, I

It's okay Super Duck, I believe that you are gayer than rainbows!

Don't think of FCG leaving as so final, you can still visit her and text her or call her and hang out with her. I'm sure she'd be down with that. I know it's not the same as seeing her all of the time in school but it's not so bad. *hugs*

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Good! Thank you! At least

Good! Thank you! At least someone does!

I know. I'm definitely going to still talk to her. I just feel this gross, inexplicable anxiety over it because the last girl and I completely and utterly sucked at keeping in contact with each other... And I remember all those times with that other girl when I would want to talk to her but was too afraid she was busy, or I'd try but she wouldn't answer me, and it was super annoying.

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Ok... I was reading and got

Ok... I was reading and got confused by all the short hand that super duck there was using... could I please know who some of these people are?... such as FCG... whatever that means :S

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A guide!

FCG = French Class Girl

She is a girl who came to my school last year and has been in my French class the past two years. I initially disliked her but eventually became her friend and developed a huge crush on her. She LOVES it when girls play with her hair, and she gives off major gay vibes due to her not liking guys and always wanting girls to touch her instead. And she's a senior, so she's leaving very, very soon, unfortunately.

IG = Irritating Girl.

I named her that last year because she was mean to me, but she has since kind of apologized, and we're pretty good friends now. But she's also in my French class and is still pretty irritating when she steal's FCG's attention by touching her hair before I get a chance to.

Old Crush = senior girl in my chemistry class

As her name implies, I had a huge crush on her in middle school, but she failed to acknowledge my existence. She is very, very strange and still extremely hot. She is also somehow FCG's cousin, which I think is the weirdest thing ever in the universe.

Mr. Troll = annoying economics teacher

He basically acts like a real-life internet troll when it comes to tests and study guides, and he irritates me because he hates art.

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Oh ok... now it all makes

Oh ok... now it all makes sense *Facepalms*... :P
Oh but just in personal opinion which probably comes form not knowing the whole story, but I would so have told FCG that I liked her... just saying. Or at least did more to find out if she liked other girls then... asked her out :P

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I would tell her, but I'm

I would tell her, but I'm not so great at that kinda thing. Haha. I'm like, 99.99999999% sure that she likes girls, though. She had a huge crush on my mom about a year ago, and she used to just randomly rant out of nowhere about how icky and gross and disgusting being gay was but now she "understands why two girls would want to be together." She also has ZERO interest in guys. She's 18 and has never even attempted to get a boyfriend, even though she's really cute and a few guys have actually liked her. Oh, and one time, she told me she had to leave a movie because it had a naked guy in it, which disgusted her. She even says that her own mom often asks her if she's gay.

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Haha, you have no idea how

Haha, you have no idea how many times that awkward moment has happened to me. The fact that most of the people I see are people I absolutely hate makes it twice as worse.

I'm surprised your friends don't believe you. I'm the same way. I don't find ANY guys attractive whatsoever, I talk about how beautiful a certain girl is all the time around my friends, and I also wrote an essay about the legalization of gay marriage. Haha, I find it weird that we both wrote an essay about that.

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I never even look at people

I never even look at people I hate. :P

I don't understand why someone wouldn't believe something like this! There is no reason for them not to believe me, and what REALLY throws me for a loop is the fact that in middle school, none of these people were my friends because they bullied me... because they heard I was gay. So they KNOW. But now that they've matured and realized that bullying people is fucking stupid, they don't believe me and act as if I'm straight like them. I am so confused.

You wrote an essay on it too? Awesome!