Ooh, I'm such a rebel

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Ugh, I'm tired now.
We had a swim meet yesterday, just a little one day meet.
And the head coach is off in Utah, I think. She's off somewhere, is all that matters.

And since I've been having to do Driver's Ed for the past week, I was relatively out of shape for this meet, as well as being a little too :P
And for some reason, even though I emailed Head Coach that I wanted to go to this meet, she forgot to enter me, or something. I dunno.
So I wasn't entered. So I had the coach that was there, I'll just call her Coach for this journal, I had Coach just deck enter me into the meet, which is where you just pay a fee, and swim in any extra lanes they may have in certain events.
And she signed me up for the 400 free, which is a long swim, which I've never liked in any case.

And when I'm all sick/out of shape, and tired from all this Driver's Ed crap, I'm a little unhappy about doing it.
So anyway, when it comes to it, I hop in the pool and do the whole swim backstroke.
Which, is technically legal, because the swim you may know as crawlstroke is not technically an event in swimming. There are freestyle events, where front crawlstroke is basically ALWAYS done, but the only formal rules for freestyle events are that you can't touch the bottom of the pool, and you must complete the distance.

And when I get out, Coach is like yelling at me, telling me how disrespectful I was to do it backstroke without telling her.
And she's like "ugh, I have nothing to say to you"
And, so tomorrow, we have practice. Head Coach will be back then.
And I'm expecting a tantrum.

But I'm dreading it. Right now I feel like a limp rag, I'm just tired, and tired of being tired.
And I'm going to defend myself, and hopefully prevent them from being too unreasonable...
But I wish this could have been dealt with immediately.
Who knows, maybe they'll do the reasonable thing and just go on at practice tomorrow.
But, knowing them, they won't.

So, I hope I'll feel more ready tomorrow.
And I will go into swimming not expecting anything, and not acting as if I'm expecting anything.
If the stern talking to does come, I will explain myself like so:
"I'm not sorry that I did it, maybe it was a little callous not to tell Coach beforehand, and I will apologize for that in due time.
But I'm not sorry that I did the act. And, the reason for that, Head Coach, is that you ask us, all the time, why do you swim?
I swim, because I want to enjoy myself. I mostly swim because I enjoy the people on this team, and it gives me something to do after school.
But I also swim because I do want to get fast, but only to the point where I enjoy it.
If I overwork myself, and quit enjoying the sport, I'll stop then and there.
So I only want to get faster to the point that makes me the happiest.
And that is what my parents pay you wonderful coaches for.
And I do love you all. But I don't swim for you. I swim for me.
And so that was my swim that I did, and I'm damn proud of it. That was a fantastic swim, and out of all the swims I did that day, I'd put my name on that one and boast about it.
I wasn't saying anything to, or about the coaches with that swim.
My swims are my swims, and I do them all for one reason or another.
Some for a challenge, and some just because I enjoy them.
And when I'm in the kind of mood I was in on Saturday, I won't particularly enjoy the 400 free. In fact, I never have. And I've swam it many, many times.
So, that backstroke 400 was kind of a challenge. But not from you coaches to me, it was from me to me.
As for why I didn't tell the coach I was going to do it, it's because I really didn't think she'd take offense.
Because she was acting disgusted, like I'd just like raped a baby or something, and I was like 'Oh noes, Chad swam a swim that is technically legal, but not in the way I thought he'd swim it. Call the fucking riot squad'
Come on, get an imagination, and save your disgust for when it's warranted.
I meant it as a joke, and I think if I was a coach, I'd have taken it that way.
Which, of course proves that all of you are usually pleasant people to be around, but sometimes you can just be unreasonable bitches. Really, you can.
Maybe we need more guy coaches..."

Okay, so I won't say exactly that, but that's the basic thread of my argument: it was my swim, this is my swimming, I don't mean it as disrespect to you or anyone else if I do that.

But just the thought of having to get into an argument like this tomorrow, ugh. I'm so tired.
And I just remembered I still have a shit-ton of homework to do.

Well, until next time my lovely Oasisies, when I may again bring my overriding positivity and lift all your spirits! :P


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sorry, but i just am obbsesed with the term "swam a swim" XD

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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Are all participants in freestyle obliged to inform the coach what styles they'll employ? What is served by the coach knowing in advance?

And her taking offense! Strange!

Anyway... You'll likely not see this before heading off to school this morning... but I'm confident that you'll handle it well (i.e., respectfully)!

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I'm not a swimmer, but I

I'm not a swimmer, but I still don't see the big deal about doing a backstroke. How is that disrespectful?