Pansexuality and Rebecca Black

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I think Rebecca Black is hilarious. And a GENIUS.
A musical genius? Well, I don't know, I wouldn't imagine so, but a marketing genius certainly.
That song "Friday", I got curious enough to search it on Youtube, and it's a riot. The shallow, awful lyrics, that despicable chorus, her smile you just want to put a fist into the middle of, the creepy appearance by the 30 something black rapper in the video, it's all genius.
I think she and whoever else collaborated in making this song might have literally sat down and said "how can we make THE WORST POSSIBLE SONG WE CAN, that will, of course, make us piles and piles of money?"
And they succeeded, it was atrociously bad, so of course an instant hit.
It's like how people hate on Justin Bieber. They make FB pages "hey, let's vote JB out of our gender, guys!" which would make me rage and then cry for humanity if I didn't know that those guys actually, deep down, love JB and want wild sex with him.
Because these days, it doesn't matter whether people absolutely LOVE your song, or DESPISE it, just as long as they have passion for it, either for their hate of love of it. You don't want it to be only mildly good, or mildly bad. Those don't get you attention.
She now has the most disliked video on Youtube, but she's still raking in tens of thousands in royalties from Youtube, more from iTunes, it's genius, a song that's so bad, that people will hate it so thoroughly that they'll end up giving money hand over fist just to hate on it.
I mean, if I was JB, I wouldn't care if people called me gay, it's attention, people love it.
Like Charlie Sheen, he's a genius, he's making thousands and thousands.

And, the idea of Pansexuality...
I mean, if you can abide by it, it's a good idea, that love has no gender, ethnic or any kind of dividers that seperate it...
But most people can't abide by it, and it's not by a lack of trying.
I mean, with girls, I could try, I did actually, 4 times, 4 girlfriends, the 4 worst times of my life... Well, maybe not anymore, but still.
For the first 2, I thought I was straight, the 3rd one drew me out of the closet for the most part, by the 4th one I was gay and out, with a girl that was totally clueless, ruthless, and obsessed with me... :P
But for the first 3, I tried. I tried my best.
Didn't work out for me.
I just can't work it out. I can love girls as friends, like "oh there's Shelby! I love that girl!". But could I ever look into her eyes and say "I love you"? Well, first, ewwwww.... And second, no.
Sorry Shelby.
Romantically, and definitely sexually, it would never work.
I don't discount the possibility, but I find it very, very remote.

And with ethnicities, well, I really don't know. I've never really been attracted to any blacks or hispanics, although of course I go to an almost completely white-asian school, where I have found crushes in both categories...
But I just don't think it would work out as well.

Who am I kidding, how do I even know I'm gay? I could pretty well say for a fact I'm not straight or bi, but I've never been in a relationship with a boy, what do I know?
Maybe it'll be different than I imagine, and maybe I'm just asexual.
But I've heard of other guys, never been in a relationship, thought they were gay, got into a gay relationship and were perfectly happy.
So, anyway, I probably am.

So I just couldn't be Pansexual I think, even if I tried, I've just never seen a girl, black, or hispanic that I am attracted to. Ever. And I don't think I well.
And should I want to try? I don't think so.

So, what's goin down mah queers?


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LOLOLOL Chad, you WERE obsessed with me for a while XD

Remember... Debauchery? XD

well first of all I would probably be sitting on the edge of the bed VERY ignored XD So I guess that doesn't work XD

Amazingly offensive <3

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Who, me?

That wasn't me, that was straight Chad. I killed him.
He was a dick.
And you can ask yourself if he ever even really existed :P

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No. 4 Sounds Like a Charmer...

Don't let her go!...

It's very likely that you wouldn't be who you now are without her seeing through your lingering hangups. Keep her... as a dear friend!

Now... you've made an interesting comment above:

"...which would make me rage and then cry for humanity if I didn't know that those guys actually, deep down, love JB and want wild sex with him.


I wonder how you know this?

Not for a moment am I being critical... or even suggesting that you may be mistaken :)

But, a truism keeps coming to mind: "It takes one to....."

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Italics are not closed?
Amazingly offensive <3

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Oh Boy...

What's happening to me?

Three errors in three days!

But... now corrected!

Curious: Are you friends with #4?

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Well you know how they say

Well you know how they say there's no such thing as bad publicity...

You talk about pansexuality as if it's something one chooses or strives for. Like "oh I'm going to try to be pansexual." but that's not how it works... People don't pick their sexualities. XD; (Being open to it is good though.) I'm sort of grey-asexual and it's really just, awkward and frustrating more than anything else. I get really sick of being expected to be sexual and being told that I'll grow out of it when people find out that I'm not... But it's not like I can "work towards" becoming sexual... I'd just be throwing myself out of my comfort zone and getting myself hurt/ hurting someone else.

So my point is you can't help who you're attracted to... That's it really. Haha.

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i think pansexuality is a

i think pansexuality is a really good way of viewing the world- you aren't attracted to boys for their gender. you're attracted to people you like and they happen to be boys.

The idea of the label of pansexuality, for me, is just denying the fact that gender exists in a traditional way- the idea of homo/hetero/bi-sexual is saying "boys are this thing and i like them," "girls are this thing and I like them," and "people are one of these two things that I like." It's silly when you start thinking about the fact that gender isn't anything but a construct.

you tend to want to get romantic and sexual with those who have penises. such is who you are and gay is the closest label. in a perfect world, that would be neither gendered nor complicated.

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I'm glad you brought this up

something like this crossed my mind but not nearly as well-formed an idea, and I had no idea how to articulate it...

But I agree with this completely.

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thank you

thanks for bringing that up. My friend is pansexual, and when I asked her what it meant, she got all...wordy with it. I didn't get how she described it. But what you said gives me a good idea of it.

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Okay, so let me get this

Okay, so let me get this straight (no pun intended). Pansexuality is when you don't recognize genders. The whole concept of male and female is nonexistant, and you don't care about vaginas and penises and gender anatomy...correct?

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I thought pansexuality is when you're only attracted to lost boys?!

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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jeff... <3333

jeff... <3333

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unrelated : i find many

unrelated : i find many people who refer to themselves as "pansexual' are 13-16 and simply use the term to seem cool and educated and essentially bisexual.

and jeff your comment made me die of laughter inside.

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I agree with this...

it makes me angry
and you won't like me when I'm angry
Amazingly offensive <3

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There is basically gay, straight, and 30 ways to say bisexual.
"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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jk i love you :D