Past life regression?

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It's crazy what a past life regression can uncover. I'm certainly looking at Kyle in a different light now...

Has anyone actually attempted one?

(Also, this HAS to be the most adorable tarot deck I've ever seen in my life. )


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I dunno how to...

But I would if I could!
Amazingly offensive <3

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Not a past life regression...

I've never had a detailed one, but I've had mediums tell me basic details about a few, and I've meditated on a couple... Just never had the time (or money) to get a real regression...

And that IS an adorable tarot deck, but I'm attached to mine.
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would you mind telling us how to do this? :O

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Wanting to "believe" makes for great...

...sci-fi. But, does your scientific mind truly believe?

Or... is it just good fun?

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I truly believe in this. Scientifically and whatever. It tis be real.

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I, also, (in an earlier version) strongly wanted to believe it as well!

But... no matter how strongly I tried, I was obliged to eventually acknowledge that there was no evidence that could stand up to rigorous scrutiny. Anecdotal, unreproducible events just don't "cut it"!

But... it doesn't preclude some future experiment that could provide the evidence.

It's fine to hold out hope. Maybe you'll be the one to design that critical experiment...

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Can one truly take a scientific approach to a matter of one's essence?

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You have a point. And me being a Christian, even though I know some here may or may not be, I realize the bible says that select people were born with special 'gifts', those including clairvoyance ect.

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Science deals with...

...all aspects of nature (not quite sure that essence qualifies) that appear to be dependable. Most events in nature give the appearance that they evolve over time in a regular manner... that is, there are underlying laws that (if discovered) allow one to predict the progress of a future event with high statistical reliability.

As humans we hold many 'beliefs' that defy being termed 'scientific' (i.e.: verifiable!)... but if there is no rational or verifiable basis for their existence... they remain just that: desires, wishes, illusions, "old wives' tales."

A sad aspect of many beliefs is that much of mankind feel it justifiable to kill in their defense... :(

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My question remains unanswered.

Perhaps one cannot deny the truth of something that is unprovable. Can you definitively prove that the world you experience is not a hallucination? I don't believe you can. You have a certain amount of faith, however, that it is not. You have faith that science can prove theories true, as there is no proving that you can prove. It cannot be turtles all the way down.

Perhaps faith is necessary in other areas, as well?

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If all that one experiences... nothing but an illusion (or we exist in a hologram)... whatever... one is by the nature of his existence obliged to live, test, and determine "truth" only to the extent allowed by those conditions.

There is no verifiable benefit from one believing something that is not allowed by the circumstances of his existence... no matter how mysterious they may seem!

If one cannot demonstrate that pursuing the dictates of a particular belief has some worthwhile benefit (beyond societal approval)... then that belief is very likely invalid (as limited by the laws of the universe in which one exists).