Raiders of Your Shoes

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FCG was worried that she looked fat in the play. I said that she never does, but IG decided to mess with her and tell her that she did. (And yet, she still talks to IG more than she talks to me...) She, of course, had a fit. I kept telling her that she didn't, but IG wouldn't stop. Then, we somehow started talking about awkward preteen years, and FCG said that when she was in middle school, she was just so disgusting and awful and stuff. Somehow, I am unable to believe this.

Me: But you are so pretty now! I doubt you've ever looked awful a day in your life.
FCG: But I'm not, and I have!
Me: Nooo... I'd have to see it to believe it.
FCG: I'm never showing anybody a picture from then! EVER!

Awww... I wouldn't make fun of her even if she was once the most awkward preteen on the planet. I adore her. And she couldn't have been any worse than me! When I was 12, I was about 30 pounds overweight, and I dressed only in shirts with annoying sayings on them. My clothes also never fit. I'd wear shirts that were like, two sizes too big because I thought it would conceal the fact that I was really, really overweight, but it didn't. I spent all my free time either on Neopets or drawing emo cats. I don't think it gets any more awkward than that. Hahaha.

ALSO, I HAVE DEVISED A SIMPLE YET POSSIBLY EFFECTIVE SCHEME! It came to me in the car this afternoon. Later this week, we must bring some things to class. FCG was saying how she might forget. If she brings this up again, I could probably be all like, "Why don't you give me your number so I can text you to remind you?" This is, however, assuming that IG won't get in the way, as she is so prone to doing, and saying she'll do it instead. OR I could demand everyone's numbers the day before so I can text them all to remind them. There aren't many people in that class, and I'm friends with them all anyway. I already have IG's though, but that's alright. This plan is pretty much foolproof, I think. There isn't an easy way that I can mess it up, anyway. That is, unless I become too scared to follow through with the plan.

So, now what else do I have to discuss? Hmm... Oh! My newspaper teacher/sponsor/adviser person pissed me off today, which is pretty rare. She's usually alright. Even this other teacher who freaks out over literally EVERYTHING thought she was being stupid. A guy in my grade was talking about going to some party this weekend, and she overheard and had a huge fit. She had two "reasons" for this. One was "What if people drink?" Honestly, I don't see what the big deal with drinking is as long as they don't plan on driving when they're wasted. I don't like to do it myself; I stole a giant sip of my dad's beer when I was about 14 and promptly gagged and spit it out, but I can't see why it's illegal. There are many countries without a drinking age or with a low one, and I think having it so high in the U.S. just makes it seem like a "forbidden fruit" kinda thing for my age group. And I really don't think it's her place to be so nosy about what this guy does in his spare time. She's not his mom, so why does she think she gets a say in his life? Hell, I bet she drank when she was in high school too. A lot of my teachers are extreme busybodies, and it really pisses me off.

That didn't really bother me much, though. What got me was her next reason. Oh, my god, her next reason. I could have punched her. Apparently, the dude shouldn't go to the party because it's at a senior's house, and he "isn't old enough" to be friends with seniors.

Oh, HELL no. This bothers me so badly because, well, what's FCG? A senior. I guess I should just never, ever talk to her again, for that would be horribly inappropriate, especially since she'll be 18 in a few days. Obviously, she is going to turn me into a delinquent and a terrible person just because she has been on this spinning dirt ball for 18 years, whereas I've only been here 16. How dare I feel intense attraction towards someone who has the sheer audacity to be older than me by a year and a half? Because of when my birthday is, that equals two grades in school, even! Liking her is obviously just as bad as if I hooked up with a 37-year-old in a dark alley or something. Ugh, who does she think she is, being born in 1993 like that? I'd better just leave her alone forever before I touch her hair or hold her hand, or else I might start robbing banks and selling crack in front of preschools or something because that's what 16-year-olds and 18-year-olds do when they're friends. I shouldn't go visit my cousin this summer either since he just turned 18, so he must be bad too, even though we've grown up together our entire lives. And all the 18-year-olds here who comment on my journals! GASP! How could you? Oh, wait... You mean none of this actually happens, and my teacher is just being a gigantic bag of sour fuck juice? Well, things make a lot more sense now!

I don't like people. Can you tell? Hahaha. I had so much road rage this morning. There were just too many stupid people driving. There was even this one lady who basically did a u-turn in the middle of the road leading to the school parking lot, then went out of the wrong gate. I wasn't very pleased with her, especially at 7:45 in the morning.

Anyway, I'm gonna go study economics now. There's a test tomorrow, and my teacher trolled us by giving us a study guide that only said, "The test can be on anything in your notes!"


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You think you were an

You think you were an awkward preteen? My hair was soooo frizzy and stupid-looking, all the preps said I had a rat's nest on my head. And if someone I barely knew tried to talk to me, I would get red in the face and start stuttering. My, how I've changed. you have two people on your list of ridiculously stupid teacher: Mrs. History Teacher and the newspaper teacher lady. I have tons of friends who are juniors and seniors. I didn't know that was a sin.

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Haha, my hair was awkward

Haha, my hair was awkward too! I don't know why it looked so much worse back then than it does now since I haven't changed it in any major way. I guess I didn't use the right shampoos for it.

If she thinks it's terrible and awful for 16-year-olds to be friends with 18-year-olds, I wonder what she'd say if I told her I had two friends who were 20. They're my mom's friends too (Gasp! They have a friend who is 42! OH NO!), but still.

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My hair looked horrible! i

My hair looked horrible! i just got it all shaved off, and then I decided I want to grow it out, so most of the preteen years was that stage where you don't know what kind of style to go with, or how to brush it down, or how to trim it. Yeah.

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most of my friends are 16

most of my friends are 16 and i'm turning 18 in like a month and a half :-(
i just want to corrupt their innocent minds

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Oh my gosh, you rapist, you!

Oh my gosh, you rapist, you! Obviously, you want to turn them all into drug lords and prostitutes. That is the only conceivable reason you'd talk to them.

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You do know... to respond to that impulse?

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(Protecting my shoes from

(Protecting my shoes from raiders now.)

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I need to protect mine too!

I need to protect mine too! Well, they can have some of my old, nasty pairs sitting in the back of my closet, I guess. I don't really know what a raider of shoes would do with all the shoes they take... An interesting thought!

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I'm pretty sure my cat is a raider of shoes...

judging by the amount of shoes that end up in large piles next to the food and water bowls :D
I'm pretty sure what the raiders do is stick their noses in the shoes and roll around in them. That's what my cat does, anyway.

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I'm 15, USED to play Neopets, and everyday I draw an emo cat on the front of my left hand. >.<. :D

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That's not as bad as what I

That's not as bad as what I was like, trust me. :P Emo cats were all I ever drew, and I drew constantly.

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Does she actually look fat

Does she actually look fat though? Sometimes it's good to be honest so they do something about it.

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But she doesn't actually

But she doesn't actually look fat.

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I hear Americans are crazy

I hear Americans are crazy drivers, but maybe that's just us...

1993 babies are the best, right? =D

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I don't know about the

I don't know about the entire U.S., but the people where I live sure do suck at it!

Well, as someone born in 1994, I don't know if I want to say that you guys are THE best, but I do know a lot of awesome people who were born in '93... :P

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Oh god...

I'm 21. You guys are making me feel old!

Most of my friends, as it happens, tend to be either a few years older or a few years younger than me. It was much more obvious in high school, but still holds.

Also, I offer a certain 19-year-old friend of mine as proof that the older person is not always the one doing the mind-corrupting. (But it's... good mind-corrupting, if there is such a thing.) :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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I have friends of various

I have friends of various ages too. The grand majority of them are 16 or 17, but I have some that are 20 and some that are still in middle school.

"Good mind-corrupting." Hahaha. Love it!