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HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS! There is a small piece of paper next to me, and it has awesome, awesome things written on it, but I can't tell you what's on it yet. You have to hear the entire story first. It was initially too much awesome for me to behold, and I kept checking it repeatedly to make sure it was not a figment of my imagination, but it's real! It's really real! Despite knowing this, I still keep looking at it over and over and over and over to make COMPLETELY sure I am not hallucinating.

So, this morning, I woke up feeling inexplicably amazing. When I got to school, my English teacher revealed that we wouldn't do anything for the rest of the week since the juniors are gathering stuff to decorate for prom, and we can't get too far ahead of them. (If you remember, 10th grade honors is the exact same thing as 11th grade regular at my school, so she teaches both groups.) She also made brownies, and I ate three because they were small and also super freaking epic.

Then, my history test, which was scheduled for tomorrow, was moved back a day. Now I can study chemistry tonight. I did probably fail my economics test, though, which did suck a lot. Oops. But that's okay! I am convinced that my economics teacher is a real-life troll. Not even kidding. That test was just... Wow. And we had to do the other class's punishment! What the fuck!?

AND NOW FOR THE PART YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO HEAR! Today in French, we were discussing that project we have to bring stuff for. You guys remember my plan, right? Well... I went through with it. And it was so surprisingly easy. I was actually more scared when I went for my driver's test a few weeks ago than I was to go through with this plan. I just said, "Hey, everybody, I don't want any of us to forget our stuff, so how about you guys give me your numbers so I can remind you? I already have IG's."

And approximately 10 seconds later, I was holding scraps of paper with everyone's numbers on them. And "everyone" included... FCG. That is the piece of paper I mentioned at the beginning of my post. She has such cute handwriting, by the way.

I was completely and utterly useless at school after that. I was too preoccupied with the fact that I had finally obtained her phone number. Luckily, school was almost over. All I did while "working" on the newspaper was play in Photoshop. Then, after school ended, I ran to my car and hurriedly put FCG's number into my phone first. I put a happy face by her name. :)

My feeling of pure awesomeness lasted until an idiot in a big truck made a rock fly into my windshield. This left an ugly little mark, and now it has to be fixed.

BUT SCREW EVERYTHING ELSE! HAHAHAHA I HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER! And I get to text her tomorrow and remind her to bring the stuff for class! Now, let's just hope I don't feel awkward about sending her random texts and stuff...


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Is it bad that once I read

Is it bad that once I read "small piece of paper next to me, and it has awesome, awesome things written on it" I instantly thought you must've got FCG's number?

Well, good on you!

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No, it just means you're

No, it just means you're psychic or something! :D

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Yeah, I knew after reading

Yeah, I knew after reading the first paragraph that you have FINALLY gotten FCG's number. I'm screaming with joy right now. It took you long enough, Miss Super Duck! Now you can have wicked awesome phone sex with her. Ha.

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Was it that obvious? :P I'm

Was it that obvious? :P

I'm WAY too scared to have wicked awesome phone sex with her! Hahaha!

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Yeah, the whole "There's a

Yeah, the whole "There's a piece of paper next to me and it has awesome things written on it" was a dead giveaway. You're not very subtle :)

And I do hope you take this opportunity to start some conversations with her through texting. It's the perfect chance to get to know her a lot better. And maybe even make some phone calls to each other and get closer to her.

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I hope I'm not super lame so

I hope I'm not super lame so I actually can! I need to at least do way better than I did with the last girl, anyway.

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darlin, it was BEYOND

darlin, it was BEYOND obvious.

now, let the boinking begin!

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Hahaha! I wish...

Hahaha! I wish...

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I knew the moment I saw the title ;)

:D :D

I'm so happy for you! Like, I read this, and then I ran to tell my friend about it even though they've never met you or heard about you before. XD;

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Yay! :D Aww, what did they

Yay! :D Aww, what did they say?

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They were like ":] aww

They were like ":] aww that's cute."

...Well, they didn't literally say "colon, closed bracket" but you know what I meant..

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I'm with everyone else...

I knew from the title and definitely within the first line. :) Hooray!!!! It was quite an overall good for you (minus that econ test and troll teacher). :)

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Haha, I didn't realize it

Haha, I didn't realize it was that obvious!

Yes, today was the best Tuesday EVERRRR. Except that test. It was awful. Mr. Troll even said, "It's really bad because I made it when I was angry."

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About time!

Yeah, when I saw the title I kind of figured, 'Super Duck went boldly up to French Class Girl and asked for her number but French Class Girl heard what Super Duck was really asking, which was "French Class Girl, you're so hot and awesome and I'm really really attracted to you so will you please, please come out of Narnia so we can be together" and said something to the general effect of "I thought you'd never ask!" and started just totally snogging Super Duck against a wall... and then pulled away and gave her her number.'

Then I read the second sentence and thought, 'Aw, man, it's just the phone number.'

Anyway... Congratulations!
(Make sure the snogging part happens eventually, though.)

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Haha! It sure would be

Haha! It sure would be awesome if that had happened.

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And yeah, I saw the title and thought maybe you'd finally gotten her number. Either that or she'd kissed you. :-)


~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Haha! Well, I wouldn't be

Haha! Well, I wouldn't be opposed to that either. :D

I had no idea everything was so obvious!

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No worries...

A friend/crush of mine, who likes to tease me, told me a couple weeks back that I am not subtle. It appears to be a social skill that I have not honed yet (if you knew me in person, this would probably make more sense). I had been totally unaware of this fact. I'm not saying you're like me in general, but my point is, it's very easy to be obvious about something and not realize it. :-)

Also, you know, you've been talking about wanting FCG's phone number and having all of us push you to get it for... oh... a month? Two months? A while. Your loyal readers have all been hanging on edge for a satisfying development such as this one. :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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and congrats.Now you can ask her out for coffee or something...

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Terrified to do that. Haha.

Terrified to do that. Haha. I need to, though!

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I also assumed you got the

I also assumed you got the phone number. Good for you!!! ^^

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Haha, well I am just not

Haha, well I am just not subtle at all then!

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Woop woop!!

At last the day has come. And it is a good day :D I'm very happy for you. So happy I can't remember the last time I smiled like this. A saticified and contempted smile. Well done Super Duck!!

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:D Yay! Thank you!

:D Yay! Thank you!

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omigosh!! Congrats! I

omigosh!! Congrats! I actually had to restrain myself from *squeee-ing* when I read this, since I'm sitting in my school's library right now and people would probably look at me weird.

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:D Thank you!

:D Thank you!