The best laid plans of mice and men

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I just spent half and hour typing a really long post, and then the interenet ate it when I double-checked that my hyperlink worked. Ugh. Now I have to type it all out again, and I'll probably forget stuff.

I cam out to some of the people in the gym class the other day. I haden't been planning on it or anything, but it just kind of came up in conversation *poof*. My best guy friend Alex recently broke up with his girlfriend and she was very rude about it, so he was venting to us girls during gym class. She just dumped because she liked some other guys and said that she'd been lying to him the whole time, and so then people started talking about that and giving him their condolences. And then my friend Michelle asked me didn't I used to date his ex? Yes, yes I did. Awkward.... And then it led to this:
Girl in my class: Wait..What?
Me: Yeah, we dated like...2 years ago?
Her: Are you bi?
Me: No,errrm..I'm gay.
Her: Oh, ok, that's cool. I mean, I'm fine with that. I thought you had a boyfriend though.
Me: Haha, nope.

After that the conversation kind of deteriorated into the rest of the girls (there's only six of us in that class) asking if there were many gay people at our school and why were they all out? (really, there's not many of us)

I had actual plans this weekend. They were lovely, and then they didn't really happen. I was going to go to the Stumptown Comics Fest but then I had too much homework to go. I guess I'm not super crushed, since there were going to be any artists there this year that I'm totally in love with, although I'd been meaning to pick up the second volume of My Brain Hurts by Liz Baille and I didn't get to. Erika Moen was there too, but pretty much she's there every year. She's a hoot. :) I even got to meet her last year.
My friends and I were going to go to an alternative prom on Saturday evening, and I got all dressed up (nice pants, button-up shirt with a burdgandy tie and a blazer) and went over to her house for dinner. All week they'd been telling me "We need to find you a girlfriend." We had to pack the car because there were 6 of us and 5 seats and it's a small car and blasted dubstep. And then we get to the Unitarian Universalist church that it's at and THERE ARE LITERALLY 6 OTHER PEOPLE THERE. What a buzzkill. After that we decided to go back to our part of town, so we drove back and tried to find a hot tub to go in because the apartments always have their hot tubs just open so anyone can go in them. We drove to 3 different apartments and all of the hot tubs were ice cold. It was a conspiracy! Ok, I realize that 3 broken hot tubs does not a conspiracy make but it was weird. After that the night consisted of driving to 7Eleven to get slurppees (I haven't had one of those since I was 12!) watching Megashark vs. Crocosaurus. It was quality.