The Complete Idiot's Guide To Flower Arrangements

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So, tomorrow, we have this gross thing called Field Day. It's basically like gym class, except it lasts two hours. No one really likes it except the jock guys, who proclaim it serious business and take out any fun that could possibly be had anyway. Each grade is pitted against the others, which is annoying because a lot of my friends are in other grades, and I can't get near them to talk to them while Field Day is going on. We are, however, permitted to wear shorts to school tomorrow, which could potentially make for some good eye candy...

I often skip Field Day, but I'm not sure if we're having classes before Field Day, and I need to see FCG if we do. Sometimes we only have the ones before lunch, which would suck horribly because my class with FCG is directly after lunch while the one I hate with a passion and often leave close to tears from is directly before lunch. Sometimes we do short classes and have them all. We usually did the former in middle school except one year, but I can't remember what we did last year. (Also, my mom is letting me save my 3 free absences for the hellish week after the AP Exam. I told her there was no reason for me to ever, ever go back after next Wednesday, but sadly, you get 3 free absences per quarter, not 1235645241, so I can't do that.)

In middle school, you couldn't get away with not signing up to do any events, but in high school, you so totally can. Even Mrs. History Teacher said so. My friends and I didn't sign up for anything last year, either, and we aren't going to this year. If you pay your $5, you're basically allowed to do whatever the hell you want. We all hate Field Day, and someone in our group currently has a damaged knee, so we are going to use, "Oh, but we didn't want her to be lonely!" as our excuse if needed.

You better believe I'm skipping stupid Field Day my junior and senior years. There is no point. Ugh, I also need to stop procrastinating on my math homework, but it's too boring and confusing, so I'll just keep typing this!

Anyway, FCG was nervous today because she has to go meet the boss for her summer job soon. We also somehow got onto the subject of hair, and she randomly demanded I feel hers. I was, of course, more than happy to oblige.

Then, she became sad. A quick backstory first: At my school, if you have a certain grade in a class, you don't have to take the final at the end of the year. The only one (besides the AP history, which is mandatory) I'll be taking this year is chemistry, but I could possibly have math too if I do badly on my next test. (The test that determines this? Why, it's no other day than next Wednesday, of course, two hours before I see FCG as she leaves forever. High chance I'll fail just due to nerves.)

FCG has been so happy the past few days because she believes that she has a high enough grade in every class to not have to take any finals. The keyword phrase here is "she believes." She is really, really looking forward to leaving that shit school forever and not having to take any finals. Nothing makes her happier.

Well, today, she was informed that she will more than likely have to take the French final. She went from, "Oh, Super Duck, feel my hair while I tell you about my summer job~ :D" to, "WHAT NOOOOO :(" in about .0000000001 seconds. The teacher just destroyed her dreams of not having any finals, which she had been excited about for days. I think I might have seen tears forming in those gorgeous pale blue eyes, but she went from sad to all-out rage mode too quickly for me to be sure. Awww...

She begged and begged for extra credit opportunities and such before next Wednesday. The teacher seemed to be taking some sick sort of delight in this, judging by her expression as she calculated FCG's grade. FCG got super quiet.

Me: FCG? Are you okay?
FCG: No! I didn't want to have to take any stupid tests, and now I probably have to. I'm so pissed.
Me: Aww, it's gonna be alright.
FCG: Not if I have to take this stupid test!

No one upsets FCG, even over something as small as this! I might have to kick some ass. >:)


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How can anybody be mean to FCG?
*coughcough unless they're in love with them and secretely in denial*
That's horrible!

Also, field day was super fun at my middle school cause we just got to do whatever. Like they just threw sports stuff up and were like "Go fuck yourselfs! 8D" so we basically played ruleless volleyball. Which is great. Wayyy better than it sounds!
Amazingly offensive <3

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:( I know, right? I bet if

:( I know, right? I bet if she cried the teacher would have to give her extra credit... Who could resist freakazoid tears?

They don't do that at my school, sadly. They usually make it at least have structure.

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I know field day sucks!

Count yourself lucky at our school you have to sign up and participate in the activities-it's mandatory. Last year I had a sprained ankle so I got off the hook- sadly this year no part of me is injured. Well accept for my aching mouth- getting your wisdom teeth out hurts! Maybe they'll excuse me for that...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." -M. Gandhi

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You actually have to

You actually have to participate? Damn, that sucks!

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We don't have anything like

We don't have anything like field day. I am eternally thankful for that. We're all just a bunch of lazy fuckers.

You should fight with the teacher about giving FCG extra credit. Do it right in front of FCG, so she'll see how much you care about her. And be all bold and epic, and when you win and FCG gets extra credit, she'll fall in love with you. It's the perfect plan!

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You are soooo lucky! I've

You are soooo lucky! I've had Field Day every year since elementary school. It sucked marginally less then because it was less competitive, and parents came to it and brought food and such.

I should! I could even offer to give FCG a point or two off of my grade... Hahaha. I can do away with about 4 points and still be alright, and FCG only needs like 1 or 2 points. I'm sure that this idea would be rejected by the teacher, however, but FCG might appreciate the thought! :D

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Might as well go and pass the day thinking, imagining or looking at the sky. Ps kudos to you for having awesome marks and skipping exams!

Smile :)
Forget peoples rude remarks
Those people are just jealous of your awesomeness!!!!

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Yeah, I went and just kinda

Yeah, I went and just kinda did whatever.