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Earlier today, I finally texted FCG, reminding her to bring that stuff. She responded instantly. Like, I didn't even have time to text the other girl I was also supposed to remind before FCG responded. But she didn't say anything after that, so bleh. I think she said she was going somewhere tonight, though, so it's alright. I didn't really start a conversation with her, I just reminded her to bring those things. And I was actually nervous over that for like, 5 whole minutes. Hahaha... Wow, I am so lame. Yeah, I think I'm back in my usual position of Supremely Lame again. The universe has gone back to normal.

I am always soooo nervous to text or call girls I like. It's why I was such an epic failure with the last girl I liked. It's so weird because I can talk to them in person just fine without being nervous or anything, but using the phone is somehow scary. I can never think of what to say to them to start a conversation on the phone or over text, even though I talk to my other friends on the phone or over text alllll the time. It feels weird to just say hi. Like I'm always scared they won't want to talk to me or something.

Anyway, FCG looked so freaking amazing today. I told her how pretty she was, and she smiled sooo big. It's so hard to resist her shiny pink lips... She's always super happy when I tell her she's pretty, unless she's in a low-self esteem kinda mood and just denies it instead. But she responded quite positively today and told me all about some super expensive new makeup she bought. And as good as it looks on her, I don't think she really even needs any!

Speaking of makeup, IG accidentally complimented me today. She had forgotten her makeup this morning and was distressed about it.

IG: Hey, Super Duck!
Me: Yeah?
IG: I forgot my makeup this morning. Is my face still somewhat okay?
Me: Oh, yep! It's totally okay to forget... I haven't worn any in 2 weeks out of sheer laziness.
IG: But you don't even need any! That's why I'm so jealous of you!

Whoa, what? Hahaha! Thanks, IG!

In other news, I raged today. There are two types of vehicles I absolutely cannot STAND to be stuck around while driving. Farm equipment and school buses. 90% of the people around here are stupid anyway, and these vehicles move slowly and irritate me, especially when controlled by an idiot. Today, I was driving home, and I was going pretty fast since I was on the huge, empty highway that leads to the insignificant nothingness surrounding my house. Suddenly, a school bus appeared! And its stop sign was out! I slammed on my breaks, trying desperately to slow down. AND THIS ASSHOLE JUST KEPT DRIVING AND DRIVING AND DRIVING. He was just driving with his stop sign out! I never saw him stop at any point! There weren't any houses in the direction he was coming from, so it didn't even make any sense.

:( IG and Girl Best Friend keep texting me, and I keep hoping they're FCG. And, of course, they're not!


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I always feel a little

I always feel a little guilty when I text a girl I vaguely like. It's as if my text has other motives, but it's just a casual text, really. No, really! ... okay, I enjoy texting and annoying girls I like, but hey! I feel a little bashful about it.

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I don't really feel guilty,

I don't really feel guilty, just afraid that I'm annoying her. :P

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I know that feeling...

...or, more accurately --- I knew it from another lifetime (one that really never came to fruition):

It's like, "What right do I have to even approach this god/goddess?"

Sad... but that feeling was ever-pervasive... :(

The fear of receiving some manner of rebuke for speaking to or approaching someone for whom you suspect you have feelings... should be banished!

This very important topic (fear of approaching peers) should be addressed in every school sociology course...

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When I text or call a girl I

When I text or call a girl I like, I'm not even scared she'll be angry or anything. I'm just afraid that I'll bother her or prevent her from doing something important or something like that.

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Talking to a girl she (hopefully!) likes isn't important? :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Well, I sure HOPE she likes

Well, I sure HOPE she likes me. Hahaha. But I can't read her mind and tell exactly how important talking to me is to her...

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Omg. I feel bad for texting

Omg. I feel bad for texting April now because she doesn't like texting :/ it is kinda scary. I'm awkward when i see he outside of class but when we are in choir I'm completely fine :P

Just say hi or something random I guess...That's how I did's so dissapointing when you think hope it's her but it turns out to be someone else.

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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I'm not even awkward when I

I'm not even awkward when I see FCG outside of French class. As long as it's in person, I'm fine. But I guess I had forgotten how extremely awkward the phone makes me with girls I like.

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Try texting her more

Try texting her more gradually? Idk :/

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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I get sooo nervous when I

I get sooo nervous when I text a girl I like, too. But it's kinda hard to be awkward through texting. Just text her and say "Hey what's up?" And let the conversation happen naturally. You'll find a topic to talk about and everything will be fine. That's what I did, anyway.

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I don't even know why I get

I don't even know why I get so nervous over it. D:

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The more you do it

the easier it will get as you build confidence.

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Yeah, I'm not really used to

Yeah, I'm not really used to it. It has been a while since I liked that other girl and texted/called her regularly.

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I hate phone calls. But

I hate phone calls. But that's just a personal thing. Texts? Yah get used to them. The first few are always rough, but you get used to them. And then of course all the boys understand how I'm the worst texter in the world when there's a 2 day delay between my texts (unlocking my phone over and over is just so much god damn work!).

BUT DON'T EVEN GET ME GOING ABOUT GOD DAMN FUCKING SCHOOL BUSES! I wish I had like, grenade launchers, or small tactical nuclear devices attached to my car so I can fucking blow those motherfucking god damn yellow monstrosities into the god damn fucking sky. Like, if I were a bus driver, I'd let people pass me. But noooooooooo! They have to be douchebags and make 15 cars stay behind them. Do bus drivers realize how much gas wasted that is? Not just from idling, but form having to reaccelerate each time? My gas mileage drops by like 6 points by being behind a bus. AND THEN THE PARENTS THAT WAIT AT THE BOTTOM OF THEIR DRIVEWAY WITH THEIR CARS TO PICK UP THEIR KIDS BECAUSE THEIR DRIVEWAYS ARE TOO LONG! Just fucking pick up your kid from school you god damn fucking prick.

Tractors, I can deal with. My Subaru has a bloated engine, so it can accelerate nice and fast if it wants to. Downside is, he wastes gas = [ I don't understand why a 1.8 L wouldn't have sufficed...

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I'm even more awkward with

I'm even more awkward with phone calls. In fact, there's only one person I can actually talk to without feeling at least a little awkward at first on phone calls, and that's my best guy friend.

I KNOW! Buses suck! School buses are currently the #1 source of rage in my life right now. And I've never seen parents doing that, but if I did, I think I'd feel the unstoppable desire to PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. Today, a bus was turning and decided to take its sweet damn time, causing everyone who was going straight down the road to nearly run into it. Needless to say, I experienced uncontrollable rage.

I don't like the tractors because I live in an area that's big on farming, so there are HUGE, slow-moving tractors literally everywhere.

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Do you know what a bus did

Do you know what a bus did today? Let some kids out, drove 10 meters, and let more kids out. Fucking let them all out at the same place. They won't get run over, I promise you dumbfucks. UGH! And when people tailgate me when we're all behind the bus... I just get so frustrated. Like, seriously, I don't want to be behind this mammoth of stupidity either, so stop riding my ass. One time I actually brake checked someone. Well, to be fair, I tapped my brakes to turn the brake light on. Then they didn't slow down. And then I held my foot on the brake for an entire minute. Then I slammed on my brakes, and the douche came inches from hitting me. Then they decided it would be incredibly intelligent to stay five inches from my bumper the entire time, in 40 mph traffic. So I decided to slow down to 25, then speed up to 40 (obviously it was the bus, me and him). Yup, I'm a mega douche, I know.

Oh, and then one time I was driving on the "circ", which was supposed to be a circular highway around the immediate Burlington Metropolitan Area, but was never completed due to zoning issues. Anyway, so it's a limited access highway that connects into the interstate with one lane. Right, so we were coming to Exit 13, the last exit. That exit is down a hill, straight into a T-interesction. Some douche in a PT Cruiser decided it would be smart to pass me 100 meters from the exit, because going 55 was too slow for him. So, I kind of just floored it and raced him... Needless to say, his piss o' crap PT couldn't beat my bloated Subaru = ]

You know... I could probably go on for forever with driving stories... I have so many. I just find myself in the worst of driving situations... But guess what, when school ends, no more busses!