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Yay, I have no school tomorrow! But there are also bad things, like the fact that a chemistry test (my worst subject, even!) is scheduled for next Friday. Next Friday is already a terrible, awful, pathetic excuse for a day. And guess what? Even though almost half of the class is seniors and will be leaving on that day, we still might apparently have another test after that. Umm, no. I flat out refuse to do any stupid chemistry tests without any Old Crush eye candy.

Also, today, my math teacher, who is one of the only teachers I have that doesn't make me want to repeatedly slam my head in my car door, revealed to us today that she has cancer. Aww. :( Girl Best Friend and I have suspected that something was wrong with her for a while now since she's older (mid/late 60s) and misses so much school.

Then, there were things that were technically bad but resulted in good stuff. There was a surprise French quiz today that no one knew about, and I had forgotten my study guide, so FCG let me share hers. Of course, this meant that I had to sit very close to her while we studied, which, in turn, meant that I didn't absorb a damn thing I studied. Oh well! She was so cute trying to pronounce the words. And our faces were so, so close. Unfortunately for me, "FCG has the most beautiful eyes ever in the universe" was not an answer choice on the quiz.

While we were sitting close, this exchange occurred:

FCG: I'm going to be soooo lonely this summer.
Me: Aww, why?
FCG: I won't know anybody where I have to live this summer, and I have to get a stupid job.

I just thought it was interesting that she decided to share with me (and not IG) that she was going to be super lonely this summer. Hmm. I wonder if she was just thinking out loud, or if she was maybe... implying something?

I can't believe I only have one more week with her. I remember when I first met FCG. It was the beginning of school last year, and she was new. She came in and sat by me and not by IG. I don't remember our first conversation very much. She said hi to me, and I said hi to her, and she started talking and said something that made me mistakenly think she was only one grade above me. I didn't think much about her that day; she was just some girl. I didn't even think she was cute at first. When she started acting, well, FCG-ish, I thought she was creepy and weird, and I had absolutely zero desire to touch her hair. Oh, how times change. I guess I had no way of knowing that one day, I would think she was the most beautiful girl ever and would even want to touch her hair.

I had a dream about FCG last night. In my dream, I was already dating her, but everyone was telling me we weren't supposed to be together. They were saying things like, "Ewww, you're both girls," and "You shouldn't love an 18-year-old." I think Mrs. History Teacher was involved somehow. I know the newspaper teacher/sponsor/whatever was. I raged pretty hard and went off to find FCG. I found her in the hall outside of French class, and I told her how everyone was making me mad. She hugged me, and I laid my head on her shoulder, which caused everyone to stare at us. But then I was like, "Fuck you, universe!" and we went into French class together. That's all I can really remember from the dream. It was super freaking intense.


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She was totally implying that she wants you to stay in touch with her. Why else would she tell you that? :)

I have very similar dreams about my crush. Maybe you're psychic and that dream was a vision of your future with FCG...

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I hope that's what she was

I hope that's what she was implying!

Maybe! It would be pretty awesome.

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How about you go up to FCG and say, "hey FCG, I was thinking, it sounds like we both need someone to hang out with over the summer, so what if you/I call/text me/you sometime and we go get coffee/go to the mall/go do whatever it is teenagers do for fun (I didn't have a social life until college, so I'm not entirely sure)?"

Er, obviously you'll have to adapt the wording a little, because if you read that verbatim with all my comments still in it she'll look at you funny. But you get my point, right? :-)

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I was actually thinking

I was actually thinking about that this morning while still laying in bed, too lazy to get up. I need to think of something. I don't know what I'd ask her to do since there aren't a lot of things around where I am, and I don't know what they have where she's going. Probably not much since it's still the same state. But I've got to see her again. Next Friday can't be the last time...

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... maybe? :)

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But I'm a terrible liar!

But I'm a terrible liar!

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lying... as opposed to laying :)

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Oh! Hahaha! Yeah, I always

Oh! Hahaha! Yeah, I always get that one mixed up.

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You've got a lot...

...of others in your camp who have the same difficulty! But without problems like this, pedants would be out of work... :)

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Why the hell would she be telling you how lonely her summer is gonna be if she didn't want you to rescue her from it?

SO that's what you should do! You could go on a trip to a food place or a plaza or go on a picnic or walk around downtown somewhere... You do have downtowns where you are right?

Ahaha. But seriously. I know that living in a city I've got the privilege of being able to do whatever whenever... But there's gotta be stuff you can do out there in the sticks. You know the area you live in better than I do (obviously), you can figure something out.

And then you can coax her out of Narnia and have awesometimes. Yupyup.

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It's kind of hard to

It's kind of hard to describe what things are like in the area I live in. From the exact point where I am right now, there are three small-ish (but still bigger than the town I live in) towns about 20 miles away. Yes, they all have downtowns. Two of them have really nice little downtown areas, but the last and biggest one would be really unsafe for two teenage girls to be out alone in. One of the okay downtowns has a bunch of cute little shops and a restaurant I'm absolutely in love with.