Those who party, those who are smart

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You know what I don't like about some people? How they look down on or label people who party, drink and use drugs as not getting anywhere in life. There's this conception that if you party and drink that much, you must be 'conforming', an arsehole, or intellectually challenged.

I see that view as having such an inferiority complex. Or tall poppy syndrome. Simply trying to cut down others for being better than you at something. It seems like these people have to compensate for their inability to socialise by shutting others down. It's a form of backwards rationalisation to justify their incompetence.

This isn't just about people who party. Same thing in reverse with smart kids in high school. There's always a bit of resentment towards them, and people will then label them as socially inept or marginalise them in some way. I think it's disgusting how people can't just accept someone's better than them. They always have to think there's a cost attached to how good someone is at something independent of their actual character as a person.


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THIS JOURNAL should be send

should be send to every fucking person i know.

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I think there's a balance

I think there's a balance that must be found when it comes to drugs and alcohol. I drink occasionally, and I have smoked pot several times, but I haven't let it completely consume my life. I'm a straight A student on the High Honor Roll. But I'm not telling everyone to go and smoke pot and get wasted 24/7. I only do those things, like, once or twice every few months.