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it's so strange how other people who want death seem to be so defeated by life, when my ideal death would be at my highest point, when i have achieved something at last, before my decline.

i want to feel every worldly emotion, every pleasure, conquer all, and then spit on the illusion that is life

to cross the final frontier, death.


on a much, much more cheerful note, my significant other and i have decided that we are going on a road trip this summer! assuming, of course, that we are still so young and starry-eyed about this whole thing.

two weeks of bliss lurk somewhere in the future, where we can be nameless, others, strangers. perhaps i'll have real memories now. either way, i am so blessed to have him.


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IN response to the

IN response to the beginning: Sometimes we have hit the point where we have met every pain, we're tormented by so many demons, that the only way we see to escape the pain is to bring ourselves to the end. It's hard to see out of the place we're in. I'm beginning to see my mistake.

And good luck with your significant other!

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This is odd,