Too much to tell you guys!!!!

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Guys hit on me tonight! Whaaaat?!?!?! After all I ended up going out clubbing with my oldest sister, nephew (19), nephew's new new girlfriend, and sister's friends.

So towards the end of the night, some guy comes up to me says, "I'm going to give you a flower." and I couldn't hear him the first time so I asked him to repeat it. He repeats and my nephew's girlfriend pulls me onto her lap (I was standing in front of her) and holds me close, she yells at him "She's mine!" I guess he walked away at that point, I couldn't see because my face was buried in her hair/neck.) My nephew's laughing away and I say to both of them, "I'm a lesbian tonight!" We all just crack up. If only they knew .

So later on we all headed to the dance floor and we were dancing together, then the last song of the night came on (a slow song) so I was going to head off, let them dance together, but the guy (or a different guy, I honestly don't know!) tried again and my sister's female friend (in her 40s) swooped in and saved me! We started dancing.

And so you think it's all over, when they are shooing people out of the club, the same guy, at least I would assume, came up to me and whispered in my ear, "I'll meet you here tomorrow."

Alrighty then!

What a night! Though, I wouldn't trade it for the world! I'm glad I went out because it turned out interesting after all. Maybe the guys stayed away the last time because my dad was there. haha.

But then I think, why can't some cute girl come ask me to dance? If I'm desirable at all, which I must be on some level judging by tonight, why can't a girl ask me? What the hell? I need to come out already so we can go to a gay bar some night. haha.

And if nothing else, it boosted my confidence a little bit. I need to get out more. And to the right places.


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Heh, it's flattering when

Heh, it's flattering when anybody shows interest in you, but I know what you mean about girls. Girls! La dee da... sorry.