Trying to get back into the habit of journaling...

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Not much to say.

I just got back from a local production of Guys & Dolls. My chorus teacher was Nicely-Nicely, XD and was reeeally good.
I enjoy musical theatre way too much.
I'm gonna try out for Les Miserables soon, but even if I do get in it costs a lot of money so I probably won't be able to :/

So... I somehow managed to not forget everything I ever learned in Latin for a big test today :) This is amazing as we just changed seats, and now I'm sitting next to Bday and guess who's behind Bday... my freakazoid.
Yesterday I went to my brother's school's Ice Cream Social and I was totally shocked, 'cause Bday was there. I totally forgot Bday has a little brother! But gaj was like, 'Hi, Flyby!' and smiled hugely upon seeing me and I went... *melt*... Hiiiii...' and walked away, grinning stupidly.

'I'm the Queen of Narnia!'
'Do you want to hold my hand?'
'Don't worry, Flyby, I'm just as straight as you are.'
(Shneer was there during that, and gaj burst out laughing, then ran away.)
'Flyby, you have a lesbian hairdo. And it looks really good!'
'I'm just petting your leg, is that so wrong?'
'Don't worry, we're not gay. I just like holding your hand.'
'Whenever I see you Teenage Dream starts playing in my head.'
'The rainbow poem made me think about talking to you in History.'

'I'll marry a responsible... person .' (sees my raised eyebrow) 'And it will be a guy, despite... shit.'


I'm slightly happier than usual because my genderswings are falling more femaleish right now, and that just doesn't usually happen. It's nice to have it match a little for once, if you know what I mean.

I feel like something's wrong, but I'm not sure exactly what... heh. I shall try and focus on the showtunes playing in my head. (I LOVE SHOWTUNES, WHICH IS APPARENTLY NOT A VERY GOOD PERSONALITY TRAIT XDDDD)


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You forgot to close the

You forgot to close the bold tag, so I fixed it for you! Sort of...

Gotta love freakazoids, yes? :D

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Les Miserables is the best

Les Miserables is the best movie/play ever. That is all I have to say.

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My mom's a sign language interpreter and interpreted it while eight months pregnant with me :D Isn't the kind of music the mother listens to during gestation supposed to affect the baby's brain somehow? Well, anyway, I've loved it ever since then. :)
And sorry 'bout the bolding :/ Thanks, Super Duck!