Two Quickies.

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One...I went to the science center today and they made us put on those colored paper wristbands to show that we paid our admission. Anyway, I keep forgetting what its from and thinking its a hospital band.

Two...I was talking to my mom and trying to say "Lag time" but I was looking online at my chosen name, Eli, and instead blurted out "ELI". OOPS. Big mistake.


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Uhm... what happened?(goddamn cliffhangers... *keeps muttering*)


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Well, I tried to play it off

Well, I tried to play it off and just say I couldn't think of the word. Mom didn't say anything about it but I find it really hard to believe she didn't hear me say that...

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Those wristband things they

Those wristband things they make you wear are so freaking annoying. I just bite mine off the second they put it on.

Why does your name have to be a secret?

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I dont know why I enjoy

I dont know why I enjoy those wristbands so much, though.

Because "Eli" isn't my real name. Its my guy name. And to everyone, especially those in my family, I am a lesbian. I am a girl. I'm on my way to becoming a woman.

When I asked my mom if I could get a buzz cut, she threatened to throw me out of the house.

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Really? Crazymom. *shivers*
I've always had a fascination with buzz cuts for some reason...