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My boyfriend spent 9 hours in the hospital doing tests, everything is OK but I was worried sick the whole day. He just caught a really bad virus from his dad (and his mother is starting to feel sick as well). Luckily, I seem to have an amazing immune system because I hardly ever get sick and I am never sick when he is, even if we've been intimate.

Also, I have so much to learn and memorize for my new job, in my first day of training I took about 15 pages of messy notes, I'm trying to produce something more legible in a word processing system right now and I have a full sheet of questions that I'm bringing in tomorrow. I really want to do well (because I want to keep this job) but it's hard. It's a really complicated computer system and all the regular employees just whiz through it, really.

I mean, I'm sort-of starting out on my "adult life" - I'm in a (hopefully) long-term relationship, I'm definitely the youngest in my department and likely in the entire office - and even though I don't pay for food or a place to stay, ect. I still feel really pressured. I don't ever want to have to rent a place out and I want to be on my own (or not in my parent's house, at least) in the next two years, so I'm working really hard to be able to put a down payment on a place of my own in that time. On top of that, I have a year left of CEGEP so I need to figure out what program I want to enter in university.

Another thing is that I had several creative projects planned for the summer, which I will probably not have time to do, and will be pushed back to the school year, I suppose. Then again, I need to do extra classes next term, which translates to extra work, ect.

Everything feels kind of overwhelming but I'm (relatively) confident of being able to handle it. However, I know myself well and I can get a little crazy at times. I also know that I rely a lot on my significant other for support and strength and that if things go downhill there I may or may not be able to cope with my projected lifestyle for the next two years. I mean, right now, I'm focused, I'm just worried I'll lose track of that and fall into my old ways of carelessness and confusion.


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Keep us updated about your

Keep us updated about your boyfriend, okay? I hope he feels better.

Warning! Generic, cliched, uplifting statement ahead: You'll get the hang of it soon, dude! :P

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thank you (-:

thank you


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It is their job to train you to get proficient on the computer system, not your job to go crazy trying. Our systems suck at work, but I'm paid hourly, so I just find it amusing. But if I were salaried, I would not be amused.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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they are training me

they are training me though!
I'm also paid hourly... but for the next week i'm getting money just to sit around and do nothing/listen