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seventeen was wonderful.
seventeen was wild, drunken nights. seventeen was the first day of art school, my first 'real' roll of film. seventeen was sunny afternoons and picnics. seventeen was smoke, clouds and dreams. seventeen was afternoon make-out sessions with a stranger. seventeen was falling in love with a whole bunch of people.

seventeen was hard.
seventeen was a hangover. seventeen was a corpse dragging itself between classes, fueled by coffee and lack of ambition. seventeen was wondering why it was so fucked up. seventeen was lost. seventeen was lonely, it was desolate.

eighteen, please be kind to me.


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Sucks dude :/ That was

Sucks dude :/ That was pretty much my 15

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Here's wishing you a very happy (and, a bit belated) birthday!

Next year will be better... whichever it is: #18, or...

Whatever... you're in good hands now...

Cherish and return that new-found affection!

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Thank you elph, and thank

Thank you elph, and thank you for your support during the hard times over the past year <3

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Welcome to 18!

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Happy Birthday

Heheh, you have the same birthday as my Oma and my friend Jude.
Eighteen's been better than seventeen so far for me... high hopes that it will be so for you as well.

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Thank you all (-: Hardly any

Thank you all (-:
Hardly any of my real-life friends wished me happy birthday, I suppose that's what happens when you don't list it on facebook.

BUT my mother took me out to dinner, we went to this great restaurant that was super-amazingly-delicious. (-: