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So, today for most of the day, I was like this:

I didn't do much today. I lounged around alone in the house wearing my pajamas all day, as my mom and sister were out shopping at my most hated store of all time. MOTHERFUCKIN' BIG LOTS. It's like Walmart, only smaller and crappier, although it does have a good snack selection. There used to be one in my town, and my mom dragged me in there every day. I even threw up in the parking lot once... When I was maybe 9 or 10, it finally closed and was bulldozed down to make room for a Walgreens. I had never been so happy in my life.

Unfortunately, there is still one Big Lots an hour away. I had to go to that one a couple of years ago. We were only going to stop in "for a minute," which turned into 3 hours. My sister had a doctor's appointment in that city today, so my mom went there today and got her Big Lots fix.

While my sister was being tortured in Big Lots Hell, I was at home playing Okamiden and watching cartoons like a little kid. Hahaha! Justice!

Girl Best Friend is coming over tomorrow. She kept asking and asking, and I hesitated at first, but I eventually said yes. I haven't had anyone come over to my house in so long because I'm always embarrassed by my mom's childishness and my sister's brattiness. I've already given her a fair warning, but I'm still afraid they'll be REALLY bad... So I'm nervous that they'll be terrible, but I think she'd understand.

Yeah, speaking of that, I just got yelled at because I asked my sister to not slurp her water so loudly. The TV is on full-blast, and I can still hear that disgusting noise. And it really and truly sounds like she's doing it on purpose. It's so loud and over-the-top. Overly gross eating noises seriously upset me, and my mom gets all defensive because she eats almost as disgustingly as my sister does... Except she doesn't have the excuse of being 8. I hate how pissy and bitchy my mom is all the time and how she just lets my sister be disgusting.

So, anyway, at some point during the day today, I became super lonely. So I decided to talk to FCG. At first she didn't know who I was because she broke her phone and had to get a new one, but then we talked for 20 minutes or so. I asked her about her job, which is apparently strange and monotonous. Then her phone was about to die, so she had to go, and I said it was nice talking to her and that I missed her a lot. And she said she missed me too and she was "going to talk to me often." :D Ohhh, I hope so!

So, then I was all like this:


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did you make those memes

did you make those memes yourself?

i hope FCG talks to you often, too. ^-^

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Yes, I drew those. Hahaha.

Yes, I drew those. Hahaha. Stick Super Duck! :D At first I just had the awesomefaces, but then I gave them my hair so it looked more like me.

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Of course she wants to talk to you more often! Who wouldn't? You're awesometastic.

And yay for playing video games and watching cartoons instead of being stuck in awful boring stores of dread and evil.

Edit: I forgot to say that I love your doodles. They're wonderful. :D

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:D Thank you! I actually

:D Thank you! I actually feel pretty awesometastic for once. Haha.

I know! I am sooo glad I'm old enough to stay home by myself now. The words "Big Lots" used to strike fear into my tiny little 5-year-old Super Duck heart. :(

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Told you that she'd like talking to you!

Aren't you glad I push you to do this stuff :P

That's redick!

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Yes :P


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We have a Big Lots here in HickTown well as 2 wal marts...go figure...but I hate it so much. I sit in the huge isle with like, the lawn tables and shiz for decks and text people until my mom gives up with the whole "OHZ MAI GAWD CHRIS LOOK AT DIS RIGHT HAR!" and we leave. :/

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I just sat on the chairs and

I just sat on the chairs and stuff too last time I had to go. I hate that store soooooo much.

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the sticks are awesome!

And I totaLLY hope FCG talks to you more often!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I hope so too!!

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Wow! :D

Your awesome little drawings just made my day. So cool! :) I hope things will go well with FCG, but I mean how could they not when you're as amazingly awesome as you are? :D

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Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)