AP European History, you cannot hurt me anymore...

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Hey... I don't really have a story to share anymore, so my updates probably won't be as frequent. Just letting you guys know in case you wonder where the daily posts went. Don't worry, I'm definitely not leaving or anything. I just don't have a reason to update every single day now.

I'm posting today, though, because of the AP exam and what I did before it. This is probably uninteresting and annoying, but I still feel the need to write it. On the day of the AP exam, you aren't required to come to school until it's time for the test. But I came to school an hour early. I came to school early because the school does this thing every year in which they make the seniors come back and dress up really nicely and recieve their awards/scholarships/etc. at an assembly for everyone to come see. They go in alphabetical order and make the seniors all walk up on the stage and it is announced what college they're going to and if they got scholarships and such. It's normally quite boring, but I dragged my currently zombie-like ass to the thing in support of FCG.

I felt so awkward because the AP people were supposed to stand at the back so we could leave for the test without causing any disruption. I was alone at first, but soon, IG, another girl from my history class, and some juniors I'm friends with appeared too after they finished their AP American History test. I still felt pretty creep-tastic for standing in the back, though.

This was the first year I actually knew who all of the seniors were. Damn, some of the girls clean up really nicely. But there was, of course, one girl who unintentionally outdid them all. More gorgeous than Old Crush and more charming than the cute, shy, sophisticated girl who sat by me in economics class and drove the same kind of car as me. (I totally want that girl's dress, by the way.) This was, of course, none other than FCG. Her trademark curly blonde hair was straightened, and her dress showed off her awesome legs. She looked like some sort of princess, or maybe even a goddess. Imagine that. FCG, goddess of closets and rainbows and hair-touching and love...

I don't even care about sounding dumb anymore, so I'll just go ahead and keep writing this. I know it's only been what, two days since she left? But it feels like it's been a long time somehow. Like... I don't know really how to explain. I guess I also find it weird that something like this can hurt me this badly. I generally don't have very strong feelings about most things, and it's rare that I get sad except for when I think about where I live. Yeah, it hurt when that other girl left two years ago, but I didn't know something as small as the mere absence of another person could feel like this. I feel so stupid for being upset over this, but I can't really help it much.

Again, I apologize for the stupid emo bullshit.

In other, unrelated news, the newspaper lady won't fuck off about my stupid article. I didn't turn it in during class today because I was in my freakin' AP test then, which didn't finish until after she left, and she's all mad now. It's basically done anyway. You know what? I've turned in all my other stuff this year perfectly on time, so she can just be mad. This week has been shit, and I had a valid excuse for not being there to turn it in today. I even tried to go by her classroom before the senior awards assembly, but she wasn't in there, so whose fault is it now?

So, yeah, there was the AP European test today. It sucked ass. Speaking of European history, the following video is slightly related to the subject and is also currently sort of making me feel okay-ish. I want this game SO EFFING BAD even though it got shit ratings, but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere. The lyrics make no sense, and it's amazing. I honestly can't even begin to fathom why it has more dislikes than likes on Youtube. Now that they have Stalin vs. Martians, they need to make Hitler vs. Pirates, or maybe even Mussolini vs. Ghosts.

I also drove two of my friends who don't have driver's licenses home from the test today. It was an... adventure. We took a wrong turn once, and there was a giant group of idiots taking up the street, just walking. Not even a car being 2 feet from them got them to stop being stupid, so we raged a little. Also, my air conditioning in my car stopped working well, and it was 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside. :'(


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Oh yes our AP tests are next Friday

I'm spending a lot if time studying. Awww it's so sad that your sad. If only FCG could stay or you could go. Missing your posts!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." -M. Gandhi

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I studied some but probably

I studied some but probably not enough. Oh well! I can always try again next year in AP American History.

Yeah... :( I know she's excited to leave, though. And I wouldn't wish this dump of a town on anyone, much less someone I really care about.

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That video was weeiiirrddd,

That video was weeiiirrddd, but for some reason I enjoyed watching...whatever that was.

Well, at least FCG can be happy and have a future and follow her dreams and junk. And there's still hope for you, as far as keeping in touch and maintaining your friendship with her goes.

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The weirdness is what makes

The weirdness is what makes it great!

Yeah... I think I'm gonna talk to her sometime soon this week, but I'm all lame and nervous.