Bad stuff happened today but maybe it's a good thing

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Me and my parents have been living in another family member's house since we moved a while back. Things took a turn for the worst back then and my parents could no longer work in their chosen professions (and therefore couldn't afford the bills), so they moved here when a family member offered them to live in her house (which she wasn't currently using because she her job moved her elsewhere) and pay what they could. Today that family member lost her job and shit's about to go downhill real fast. I think. I mean, I can only imagine. I'm stressed out, my parents are stressed out.

I've been kinda pissing around, slowly trying to figure out what I'm going to do (school or work?) Trying to figure out what I want to do as a career for the rest of my life. Now... I guess I don't have much of a choice.

Part of me is stressed out, but then part of me thinks maybe it's a good thing because it will finally push me to do something, you know? Probably the best thing for me in any situation is some pressure on me. I'm content with life and how it is now, but it isn't good for my future, and I know that. I NEED to do something, I just don't know what. I've been here for years. Maybe this push will be good for me. Get me out, actually meet people and make friends in this area (OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?), actually live a full life, have romantic interests, do stuff. OMG. I don't know... part of this is sarcastic, but at the same time it's the truth. I don't want to live the rest of my life going on and on about how I don't know what to do, or hoping that maybe NEXT year will be different. I've wasted enough years doing that.

The bad thing is that fear keeps me from changing pretty much any aspect of my life. Though, that's why the pressure from this current situation is good. I'll do something if I'm pressured to.

Oh - and I found out a family member died (not one I knew) and the power went out. All three things we found out or happened within the same hour. It was sorta weird/creepy last night.

BTW, family member's shity ass company which she's been working for for years, shall not be named. They didn't even give her the reason why she was being fired. The boss just came in and told her to pack her things. Apparently they are known for this.

I talk about us and how we're feeling, I can only imagine how she's feeling now. She's already gone through a rough year.


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Suckishness to the Max

I'm sorry! That sounds... horrible.

Especially the bitch-ass jerk that randomly fired your aunt. It's dumb that they don't even have a reason!

I hope you get the courage to change your life for the better, and that your aunt gets a new job soon, and that your parents can get a job too!

Courage to you, my friend!

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The family member isn't

The family member isn't actually my aunt, but her boss certainly is a jerk! And thank you for the kind words! They are lovely! I hope this turns out to be a good thing, like I have the feeling it will.

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I hate bad vibes like that

It can ruin any ones day. Your parents are out of work also? Or not in the regular field that they would be in. Money is tight? If your 16 may I suggest that since the whole family is stressed out for money and such, you could look for a part time job and help out some. After all Mom and dad are putting out for clothing, gas, food, etc for you, and you could help by buying some food, or giving them some money to pay the phone bill or gas bill etc once in awhile. That is what family does, helps one and other. Your Aunt helped when she gave your parents the place to live. Now she may need to move in also with you and when that happens things will go down hill, as too many people in one house does not work for long with out yelling, and arguments. Today's economy sucks big time. People out of work, The governments broke, because of bad politicians who are more interested in putting money in their pockets.ETC ETC ETC. We hear it every day on the news on TV. Now its hit you and your family. But Family can pull through if they just take it one day at a time.
So...what to do.
One: get a job. Otherwise the whole lot of you, mom dad, bro, sis could end up on the street and that is NOT good.
Two: help out more and more at home. With the stress level going up and up , helping one another can lower it a whole lot and prevent arguments, and DIVORCE! ( we don't want that do we)
Three; Pitch in with the money some time when you do get a job. Sure it may be " would you like fries with that" but hey its something and every little bit can help.
Four; Look for work that your parents are wanting, (meaning help them find the job they really want) Such as Look on line in Nebraska, ( lowest unemployment in the nation and help wanted signs in lots of windows) Maybe you can find them the job they want some place close. Don't worry if a move is necessary you will NOT loose good friends, you just wont see them as often as you would want. There is always. Face book or tweet to keep in touch. Or snail mail
Five: Keep smiling, put on a good face to the family, and then talk to your best friend about how you really feel and whats happening. That is what true friends are for. Just talking out problems can relieve stress a whole lot and make you feel more up about the down things in your life.
Six; Keep in touch here on Oasis, let us know how you are feeling, just typing it can help too you know. We are all interested in how things go for you.
So that said, Good luck. Best wishes, Stiff upper lip and cheerio and all that rot. LOL...We love ya kid.

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I'm actually twenty-three

I'm actually twenty-three (too old to be still unsure of everything in my mind!) I've been dragging my feet, trying to figure what I want to do for years. I was actually in school until recently. I'm definitely thinking of just getting out there and getting a job (if I can even get one) and helping out as best I can. Both of my parents have gone back to school and aren't currently working, so yeah, money's been tight for a few years now, but doable. The family member is getting severance, so that will help some for now, but all of us want to relieve the pressure on her.

I've been around Oasis for many years now, I come back from time to time and it's quite the comfort to know it's here for me when I need it. I just wish I kept touch better in touch with the other people who frequent it, but the introvert and flawed person in me, once again, doesn't really allow that. Although, the way things are around here now... maybe not so much. hah. somuchdrama.

Thanks for all the love and advice! It's appreciated.

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age