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Yestereve was a sort of awards ceremony at my school. I got lots of awards - the most, maybe - but that's not the point. The point is that the school choir sang 'Blackbird' - you know, 'Blackbird singing in the dead of niiiiiight....' - and my eyes actually welled up, because, I guess, that was her song. Grey's. Even though she didn't actually sing it, then or before, and even though it hasn't affected me when I've heard recordings or watched Across the Universe or anything. The choir's rendition of it has a unique sound, and I'd heard her in it so many times, and always I would be oblivious to the fact that she wasn't the soloist, wasn't the star, and just focus so entirely on her, whistling. She had the whistling part - the main whistling part, not even the only one. And I'd spare a passing thought for Leigh, also in the choir, providing a bit of background noise or whatever it is they call it when one person's singing and others are making singing noises that aren't words in the background, but other than that one obligatory passing thought, all my attention would belong to Grey, whistling.

And my reaction yesterday was the proof I had been needing that I still have feelings for her, as I had been doubting. Still, as much as I tried to feel even more strongly, I could not shed a single tear.