Chad the rebel strikes again

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I don't know why I didn't post before 11:30 on a Sunday night, but I haven't posted in a while, and I felt like doing it now.
So, today, I was going absolutely stir crazy. I was stuck in the house. And I hate being stuck in the house, I hate this place, I wanna leave every oppurtunity I get.
So my parents had left and done things and my brother was working, so I didn't know what to do in a house by myself. So I played a bunch of Assasin's Creed. Then I took my bike to the Y and did stuff there while rereading Under the Banner of Heaven which I'd really like to post something about, maybe tomorrow when I'll have more time than right now to get to sleep. Then I got iced tea and listened to music real loud, and all the fun stuff.
Oh, and one more thing, while I rode my bike I didn't wear a helmet! Ooh, what a badass. Damn I'm boring.
But I just thought, "Jeez, so what if I die? I mean that's one advantage of being an atheist, I have no possible fear of death. And if I am wrong, which is definitely a possiblity, I haven't had sex yet, so I can't be considered a sodomite, so that should keep me out of hell"
So I've decided to stop wearing my helmet now, it's uncomfortable and ugly.

Godamn, I'm boring.

But, I wanted to share with you guys something amazing. I'm getting older.
I mean, I'd always known it was happening, as it was, but it's like everything I'd looked forward to as a kid I'm starting to achieve now.
On the swim team, I'm one of the fastest, one of the guys I used to look up to.
At my piano recitals I'm also like the best one there now.
It kinda reminds me of when I got lost at Revelstoke.
Me and my brother were lost outside of the ski resort, and we got lost at about 1 was when we realized we were lost.
So we knew we had to get back in bounds before 3:30, when the resort closed, otherwise our parents would notice.
So we climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and I'd spent hours looking forward to 3:30, but then it came and went, no salvation, and I'd realized time wasn't stopping, it was moving ever relentlessly onward, until it was 4, then 8, then we were spending the night on the mountain.
And there was no, oh crap, it's getting late moments.
It was just slowly but surely, it got later and later.
Which is kinda like now.
When I was in elementary school, I was always looking forward to high school, but now I'm just here, and eventually, I'm going to get older and older until I'm 70 and wondering "WOAH where did all that time go?"
Just as long as I can get a relationship before then... :P

ANYWAY, I know this was boring and stupid as hell, and don't bother reading, I just wanted to post something, even though it's late as hell at night.
Night guys!


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I friggin' hate helmets.

Seriously, they make me so off balanced and stuff that it makes me more likely to crash D: It makes my hearing harder, and my hearing is already bad. So instead of like, listening for people walking or riding behind me, I always try to look, and then

Amazingly offensive <3

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Psh helmets suck. And they

Psh helmets suck. And they make me feel like a weenie. And hey, if I fall and get a concussion, then at least I won't look like a weenie doing it.

I know what you mean! I feel like I was 10 just yesterday. My life is slipping through my fingers!