Damn, the world ends on Saturday :P

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Damn, I'm out of it. I have an assignment that's due in English, but I think that more sleep would be more beneficial for me right now, than one late assignment.
I'm so ready for this weekend.

Why? I dunno. Because there's no school. But then after this week I have another full week of shit, then a 3 and a half day week of shit, then another full week of shit, then a 4 and a half day week of shit, then a single half day Monday (?) And then we're done.
So wait, that's tomorrow, Friday, then 4 more weeks of varying lengths.
Plus a single half day Monday, which for some reason they decided to do for one last, 3 hour shafting after we've had a great weekend. I have no clue why school is ending on A MONDAY.

But I just want to be in summer, because right now I'm just very tired of school, and having no problems at all, nothing to do, sounds pretty good.
I mean, after a few days, I'll need to figure something out, and do something interesting.
But goddamn, seriously man, I don't know what to do right now.
I'm just very sick of modern society and it's massive pieces of boring shit and crap all over the place.

Just the thought of growing old, and working in a job every day, the same place, for the rest of my life, seriously makes my stomach churn.
I'm not sure I could handle that.
But I guess I can't escape it forever. After college I'm planning to, at least for a year or two. Go on a trip, see the country, the world, explore things, I hope.
But then I'll have to resign myself to it, and stay at it for years, build a family maybe.
But I won't, I refuse to grow old and decrepit and boring in our world of straight lines and black-and-white marks and conservatism. At an age that I'm still able, maybe 50, maybe a little younger, maybe a little older, but about then, if I play it right, I could still be a fit man at 50, and then I could quit my job, and go on another big trip, see a few more things, and then die somewhere in the mountains or somewhere, a place where I'm really happy.

I'll write another journal about this or something.

But I get so depressed when I see how I imagine working in a court or in politics or something, all day, at a desk or somewhere else, filling out and reviewing pages and pages and pages of stuff that really is meaningless.
Human beings aren't meant for that, we never were.
And then I just get this feeling that I'm claustrophobic or something, like the world is pressing down on me, and then I just can't wait until after college.

But, I'm being stupid, and I know it. Slow down, your time will come, you will not remain here forever, things can change. But until then, wait, enjoy your time here, because modern society does have its benefits, even if it's not nearly as good as what I'm hoping I can have in the future.
Because what I really don't want is routine. The thought of getting up every day at the same time, going to the same place, doing the same things there every day, getting pre determined breaks and such, it's like I've already lived my life, because every day I can look forward and know exactly what's going to happen.
I want choices, every day, like I'd like to hike down the Tonto trail in the Grand Canyon, and every day I can get up and be like "I think I'm going to go snoop around those slot canyons a while, or look at that arch" and see where that leads me, I won't know exactly what I'll be doing with that day, I'll just figure it out as I go along.

Goddamn, I'm sorry this is so depressing, I should be happy, I have a great life, and I promise I'll post something interesting and short tomorrow, but I just had to get it out there, so good night mah buddies :P


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The Rapture is on Saturday, so that's when all of the people who are being saved ascend into heaven, then there will be earthquakes, etc., etc., until the world ends on October 21.

I was pleased to learn this is all based on a timetable linked to Noah's Ark, which means it is even more utter bullshit than I thought possible:

Here's a FAQ for you: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/hottopics/detail?entry_id=89183

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Oh and don't forgot... it is

Oh and don't forgot... it is the fault of the gays and our desire for equal marriage rights BOOOOOO!!!!! Scary :P

That shit was so stupid it made me LOL... I mean I fucking laughing while typing this... :P

I don't think that this guy who made this stuff up though got the memo, but it does say in the Chirstian Bible that no man shall know the time or place... SOOOOOOO.... It is obvious someone hasn't even been reading there own religous text and knowing it to a 'T' before deicding to 'cherry pick'.... I wish I could find one of these people on the street and stand there point and laughing at them in my most fav and annoying laugh I do when I want to basically call someone a dumbass with my laugh :P

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it's an 80 some-odd year old man giving an extremely abstract set of numbers from an obscured equation. The question is: "Why does anyone believe this crock of shit?".

Now Yama I must disagree with wanting to humiliate them, it isn't (directly) their fault they are so ignorant. If anything someone needs to give them an unbiased view into what they are trying to understand. Plus showing them that it's just a little history book and not much more.

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Trust me, life without college/highschool is relatively more fun!
Well, I like routine and repetition, so my life isn't too interesting, but I bet you could make your's as fun and cool as you want!

Also, you don't gotta get a desk job, you could always get a supercool, interesting job. I hear there's tons of them! ... Okay, I've never seen one with one, but that's because I live in the middle of nowhere where everyone is a farmer!
Just don't be a farmer, okay? That's very repetitive!

Maybe you could give lessons on rock climbing in the Grand Canyon? Or, be a guide through the moutains? Something cool!

Just, don't worry too much about it, it's generally funner to just figure it out a day at a time, a lot less stressful!

~The Sweet Escape is Always Laced with the Familiar Taste of Poison~

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aahhaah hell is gonna be so

aahhaah hell is gonna be so fun with all the fags... (-:

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Plus, I bet Satan is the gayest man to ever live. I mean, he's so flaming that hell is the hottest place ever :P
Amazingly offensive <3

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Hawking says there's no Heaven...

and, I'd guess that the corollary to that is that there's no Hell either.

So, we're out of luck all around :(

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personally I believe lots of people regardless of sexual orientation (of which said orientation is not a mistake) will get into the Heaven of Heavens and walk with God. But that's just my belief.

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I used to be afraid of growing old.

But being with Stieg, I'm not scared anymore. I used to think I'd have to kill myself to avert a future, because I couldn't see how growing old and becoming responsible for myself could ever be a good thing. But now I look forward to it. It's unusual, but I'm happy. I think you'll be too. Because it's not routine. My god has blessed me with a life that promises to become better, and take me away from the rotting hell that I came from. I had a very routine life before, it was simply a different one from most routines. It was a routine of death and decay and hate instead of boredom and files and fax machines. Now my life is becoming better, and because I love the earth that my god has given me, I will make life so that it's not routine by traveling and seeing all the beauty this world can offer. I'm rambling. But I hope you get my point. It gets better. Yahweh will not let you down, Swimmerguy, because no matter how much you dislike the idea of him and no matter how much you joke about him (which I'm sure he doesn't mind, I know I don't), Yahweh loves you. He will never let you down. I promise.