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You guys who are interested in gender issues will be down for this one. I would have posted this to the forum but it no longer appears on the side bar, so... I figured I would do it here.

In short, a Canadian couple has decided to raise their child without revealing the sex to anyone, mainly to see how this would influence the kid's upbringing. Here are some articles :




and if you want to see photos of the child (and his/her androgynous brothers) : http://photogallery.thestar.com/995120



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i'll keep my in-depth

i'll keep my in-depth comments to the forum topic in the forum, but...

why on earth did i read the fox one? uuuugh. it made me so angry...

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I just clicked on the photo gallery..

I think that the parents may just be doing this for attention, and this may leave the child confused as to what their childhood was like, and all that, but they can't keep a secret forever.

Oh, but this...I forget...sshhhhiiizzzzzz

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I suppose others are missing the sidebar. What browsers are you running? I'm running Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

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Side bars?

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I think...

they mean that stuff to the right on here with recent articles, forums, etc.

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Oh, I have IE 7 or 8, and

Oh, I have IE 7 or 8, and it's still there. O_O