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Today was AWESOME because my mom didn't make me go to school. Instead, we went to the greatest restaurant ever. And we got cupcakes too. We did, unfortunately, have to go to Walmart, but that wasn't too terrible, I suppose. I also found out that I am getting a brand new laptop because my old one was too expensive to justify fixing since it's so old. Oh, and there was one other thing I'll get to in a moment.

I didn't have to go to school because I have about 4 days left, and I wasn't going to do much at school anyway. I think I've mentioned how you don't have to take the spring finals at my school if you have an A in the class. That means the only work I'd be doing at school right now is chemistry. There would be little to no point in me going to any of my other classes. I have the rest of this week and possibly Monday, then one hour on Tuesday for the review and one hour Friday for the test.

So, yes, the greatest restaurant ever. It's this tiny little restaurant in the back of a shop, and it's only open for lunch. There are maybe 3 people that work there, and one lady does all of the cooking. But everything there is amazing, even foods I don't normally like. I honestly bet she could take the nastiest food you can imagine and make it kick ass. I want an entire bathtub full of that place's chicken salad. Not even kidding.

AND CUPCAKES! There's a cupcake shop a few minutes away from the greatest restaurant ever. And those cupcakes are super amazing. I had a mint chocolate chip one today. They have new flavors each day of the week, and pretty much all of them are awesome.

I'm sure you want to know what the other thing I did today was. I missed FCG, but I was afraid to call her. So instead, I texted her. Baby steps. I felt such anxiety waiting for her reply. Worst 5 minutes EVER. I immediately wished I had called instead, because waiting was terrible. But suddenly, a reply appeared! I am too lazy to get out my phone and check exactly what was said, but it was close to this:

Me: Hey, it's Super Duck. I remembered I had your number, and I wanted to say hi! I miss you!
FCG: Hi Super Duck! I miss you too! What's French class like without me?
Me: It's so boring...
FCG: Hey, you should come to my graduation! Pretty please, for me?
Me: I'd love to! I'll definitely see if I can go. Do I need tickets or anything?
FCG: No, and I think it's free, but bring like $5 just in case.
Me: Awesome! Are you excited?
FCG: I just want it to be over with already.
Me: Do you have any awesome plans for the summer?
FCG: Nah, I have to work...

Then she was busy, so our conversation had to end. But I felt much better. Except now I have to go to her graduation, and I've never been to one of those before, so I don't know exactly what to do. You have to dress kinda nicely, right? And get there early-ish? I think Mrs. History Teacher mentioned once that all the good seats are reserved for the seniors' families. So I'll probably have to sit near the back. I think IG is going, and so's this girl in my history class who has a senior boyfriend, but I'll probably lose them in the crowd and have to sit alooooone like a loner.


In other news, as my mom and I were coming home from Walmart, and we had to drive slow through this neighborhood we had to pass. This girl who looked kind of hot was jogging along the street. She was probably in her late teens/early 20s, and she had nice hair and a good body. But I couldn't really see much of her face because she had on sunglasses, and I only got a glimpse of her for like, a second. So I turned around to look again after we passed her.

Mom: This is hilarious.
Me: No!


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There are worse things than awkwardly supportive parents.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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That's pretty awesometastic.

And be glad that texting is an option, two out of the last three people I've liked didn't have cell-phones. I would've loved to take baby steps. XD;

But I'm glad you had an awesome day. :]

At my high school, you could only skip finals if you had an 90+ (which is different from an A because they changed their minds about what an A is like, twice while I was there.) AND you were a senior AND the teacher was cool with it, which not all of them were.

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I'm glad it's an option too!

I'm glad it's an option too! I would be terrified to call her house. Oh my god.

The teachers in my school are required to let you skip the final if you have an A, which is a 93 or above at my school. If you're a senior, you can skip it if you have a 90 or above, and the seniors also get one free pass to skip a final of their choosing.

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You wear semi nice clothing.

You wear semi nice clothing.

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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That's what I thought! Now

That's what I thought! Now to find something semi-nice...

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That's great that you got to talk to FCG! Also I know my party's can be so supportively- annoying sometimes ;)

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win." -M. Gandhi

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Yes, it is! :D I guess the

Yes, it is! :D

I guess the mom thing was mostly awkward because we don't talk about it often...

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<i>Pretty please, for me?<i>

awesome. extra brownie points if you chat up her parents

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I did talk to her mom and

I did talk to her mom and her grandparents at her play last month, and they seemed to like me... Maybe they'll remember me! Hahaha.

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*Fist pound for courage* Now

*Fist pound for courage* Now all ya gotta do is keep texting her until you lose your nervous-ness. And eventually you'll even be comfortable enough to call her.

She liiiiikkkeeessss yoooouuuu!! :D

Well, at least your mom wasn't all like "Ew you were checking out a girl that's disgusting!" Cuz that's probably what mine would do.

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I hope I lose my nervousness

I hope I lose my nervousness soon... It's quite annoying.

I hope so!!!

True! I just wish my mom had been less awkward XD