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Tonight I am whiny. This is quite possibly the dumbest series of things I have ever been upset about, but I am on my period, so I can be upset about stupid shit. Today hasn't been very good... My kitty destroyed my headphones, there were too many angry bees for me to go enjoy the outdoors like I wanted to this afternoon so I feel fat, and I am about to make literally like a 12 on my chemistry final tomorrow. I don't think I am even going to study anymore. I don't know anything tonight, and I won't know anything at 8 a.m. tomorrow either.

My sister had her dance recital thing tonight. I was reluctantly dragged along, but then I found out it was all ages, so my friend British Girl was in it. I was less reluctant then. The thing itself was good. The cute shy girl I sat by in economics class was in it too. She drives the same kind of car as me, except in yellow, so she is automatically awesome. She had a solo part in it, and it was pretty good, but even if she was bad, then she still would've been good simply for driving an awesome car. In the little kids' group, there was one little boy, the only boy in the entire thing, and he was maybe 5 years old or so. He was so cute with his shiny silver shirt and his white suit. Hahaha. I don't even like little kids, but damn, cutest kid ever.

So, anyway, I was fine until it was time to leave. That was when I got the icing on my shitcake. I was going to go see my friends Helpful Junior and Newspaper Girl, as I had spotted them in the audience, but I was blocked in my seat... I couldn't even get out to go congratulate British Girl or the girl from economics class. This irritated me. Then, I made a huge mistake. I turned around. When I did that, I saw something that made me absolutely HAVE to leave my seat, but I couldn't get out, which left me majorly frustrated. To put something so desired and wonderful just a few feet away from me and NOT allow me to get to it! Universe, why are you so mean?

I wasn't sure at first, but then I saw her friends, so I knew. But it was too late then. She had already gone out the door, and I was trapped in my seat... FCG. :'( I was missing her so bad today, and she was right there, but I couldn't even go to her. I couldn't really tell it was her at first because she was in the shadows and was wearing glasses, which I have only seen her do once or twice. So that threw me off a little, I guess. I didn't realize it was her until she walked out the door, and I saw her friend. I should have known by the hair... I could tell FCG's hair from anybody's, even if I was in a room full of absolutely nothing but girls with curly blonde hair. If I had known for sure it was her before she left, I would've just jumped over my chair, or pushed people out of the way, or something.

I could've had FCG hugs, but I was too lame. I could've seen my friends, but I just accepted annoying people blocking my way. And my cat broke my headphones, so now I have to go buy more, which involves going to stupid Walmart. And I can't even kick that stupid cat in the face for breaking my headphones because he is my baby and I love him more than sprinkles on cupcakes. And I don't know how to find the molality of a substance, or what the ideal gas constant is, or even what anhydrides are, but I have to at least be able to write something about them by 8:00 tomorrow morning. And I feel fat because my sister demanded Mexican food tonight, and I didn't get any exercise today. And I have gross cramps, and I am just a huge freakin' loser who fails at girls, friends, weight loss, and intermolecular forces. FML FML FML.

A silver lining: I found my Wii today. I finally got to play my Metroid game after like, 6 months of having it.


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there were bees out here too

one flew into my face after school. i freaked out, i was like "holy fucking hell, virgin mary of fucking blood mountain(yeah, im so cool that i curse like that. all the time)"
my math teacher was standing nearby. he was staring at me, and when i cuaght his eye, he just kinda shook his head at me and walked away

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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I hate bees and wasps. :'(

I hate bees and wasps. :'( And these things were HUGE!

Haha! My math teacher would've freaked out! She doesn't even like the word crap. XD

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I hate bees and wasp...

I hate bees and wasp... those things are scary as shit :P

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I am not cool with any

I am not cool with any flying insects. Especially ones that are potentially harmful. :(

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Well I kind of love all

Well I kind of love all animals... expect for bees... and those cockroachs... of course I would prefer that they just took the roach out and let me with the cock... ahahahahhaha I made a sex joke.... ahahahhah :P

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Hahaha! Yeah, I hate

Hahaha! Yeah, I hate cockroaches too. (Except I'm a lesbian, so I'm not too fond of either part of the word. XD) One time, I was staying at my grandparents' house, and I went to the bathroom at like, 4 in the morning. And there was THE BIGGEST ROACH EVER IN THE UNIVERSE on the wall. I nearly died.

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Hehehehehehehe not to fond

Hehehehehehehe not to fond of ethier part of the word... I could make a commit on that, but I am not sure it would be found offense or not :P

I know the feeling becuase man that happened so many times at college that it was just stupid and actualyl very nasty with as many roaches that I have found inside of my dorm everytime I go to the bathroom... :P

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YEAH SYNCHRONIZED PERIODSSSS and your sister gave me her fever.

Amazingly offensive <3

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I SHOULD HAVE! Ahahaha! Red

I SHOULD HAVE! Ahahaha! Red velvet cookies. ;D Although I don't think some of the people around would have appreciated that...

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I'm sure all of them would have loved a steamy sex show XP Who wouldn't?!
Amazingly offensive <3

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Depends on whose in that

Depends on whose in that steaming sex show ;) If a lot of poles to poles is going down then yes that is a very nice stemmy sex show... :P

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Have you noticed any convertible Beetles around lately? Because, I just can't imagine how they look with the top down, I'm sorry :P


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I don't have a convertible

I don't have a convertible one and neither does the girl from economics class, so I don't know. I can't imagine them without the top either... There's a red convertible one I've seen around town, but it never has its top down.

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I noticed them around my

I noticed them around my little neck of the woods and I am sorry, but they are not cute... :P

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Nows your chance

to text FCG, and ask her what she thought of the recital FTW.

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But I don't think she saw

But I don't think she saw me, so she'd be all WTF...

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do it anyways, say you just

do it anyways, say you just missed her (x

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tell her you saw here

but you were trapped and couldnt say hi.

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Strangest Thing

But it seems as though bees and the sort have little if any interest in me at all. I use an old trick i learned from my aunt Shirley. If you just sit there, and completely ignore them, they won't land on you at all. But if they do, softly brush them away. If you relax, and do this once succesfully, it makes you more confident in the technique next time.

Works for me at least.
An optimist sees the glass half full, and a pessimest sees the glass half empty. But a realist however, realises that sooner or later he's going to eventually have to clean the glass.