Five things making me happy

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(In no particular order)

1. Swallows. Cliff swallows. They've invaded my school and are building nests with mud from the baseball field, and they're so cute. Just look at the little guys:

I just realized today that with their little triangular faces and bug-eyes, they look a lot like bats, only without the big ears. They also flutter kind of like bats sometimes. And I think bats are just the cutest things short of puppies and kittens.

2. My curtains. They're really pretty when they're open and they keep my room dark when they're closed. That is all. After months of living in a room into which the sunlight started streaming at five-thirty or so every morning, I appreciate my curtains.

3. Random Phrases. I've collected a few new good ones and need to add them to the forum soon.

4. Everything that happened on Saturday, especially the bit about punching Leigh. That's still making me happy.

5. This picture I took in San Francisco:

I took it specially for the Doctor Stalkers, thinking 'This is what we have in America,' and they definitely appreciated it. Leaena looked at it and said 'I'm in love.' Regi looked at it and said, 'Oh em gee, it's a Tardis on a stick!' Now whenever the image, or the thought 'Tardis on a stick,' pops randomly into my head, I burst out uncontrollably grinning.


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I've been waiting for that to be revived awhile :D I didn't want to have to do it, but your Random Phrases are awesome and I've collected some awesome ones.
So get a move on!


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AWWW those birds are

AWWW those birds are adoreable :D

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very cute birds!