Fuck It

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Prom is too expensive, I have no boyfriend. I still haven't had an oppurtunity to get an ID, and I still haven't applied to a college or turned in my voter registration card because of the ID situation. Too much pressure and too much of me not really caring (except about voting). I'll be able to get my scores for college tommorow and I'll apply on Saturday.

So yes, that can be taken care of. And I suppose after I can go get the ID. Maybe things aren't so bad after all, now that I remember, things are never so bad. So the key to this weekend is organization. By the time My ID gets put in, I'll need to wait two weeks for it in the Mail. Hopefully it won't be too late to turn in the registration card.

Man, Senior year wasn't what it was supposed to be (I was lied to). Shit loads of work, no cool stuff to do, barely any freedom. But all in all it's tolerable. I just wish it was as cool as my Junior year. That would be way cool. Back when I could stay in my home, not have worries, see my parents together often, and (me) be content with everything.

Now that I think about it more, this is great anyway. Because my faith is something I didn't have then, plus I have an All About Chad CD (keeps me happy). Anyway, this is okay. Life is never picture perfect, it's okay. I'll take this day by day and that always works. So these are some things that are happening, and it's all crazy.


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You need an identification

You need an identification card to go to prom? That's weird - what kind of identification card?

Anyway, glad you're smiling!

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school ID, State ID or State Drivers Licence, and a proof of ticket purchase. They might as well just ask if we're all Illegal immigrants up front.

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Our school requires IDs too. How ridiculous.

I'm a sophomore, and I do look forward to my junior and senior proms, but it's not like I LIVE for prom night, like some teens do. I have this crazy fantasy that by my senior prom I'll have a girlfriend, and I'll bring her with me, and we'll hold hands and dance and be all cute, and then I'll be officially out of the closet on prom night cuz people will see us. Cool. But not likely.

Anyway, I like how you always make the best of every situation. If only I was an optimist and not a realist...