German, goals, reshuffling priorities

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Study is so stressful.

Spent a solid hour working on german pronunciation today. The director is very nice, he's very patient and very encouraging. I only found out the other day that this german play is part of his thesis, so I feel a lot of pressure to do well, espeically when everyone seems so fluent. Either way, I've already learnt a lot - just have to put the work in - it's do-able. I haven't acted in so long... it's so refreshing when all my other commitments are debating, consulting and academics.

Then there are the usual tests... I have accounting and criminal law coming up. I also have to go into court and watch a case then write a sentencing submission. It really is a bitch.

I've decided to reshuffle my priorities. I haven't partied or gotten really drunk (what?) or just drunk at all for (yup) a decent while (shock horror). I do miss it, but I have some big goals set for myself - and that's going to take some work. I want to be conversational in German by the end of the year, and rank top three of my law school (almost impossible, effectively out of 1300 people). But I've topped two papers before (I say it like it's that easy) - so if I put in the effort I might be able to do it.

Updates on the boyfriend next time...


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I'm in German III in high

I'm in German III in high school, so I have a long way to go before I'm completely fluent in German. I'll probably continue studying the language throughout college, cuz I plan on traveling to Germany some day.

Good luck with law school. I couldn't imagine studying law. It must be oh so very difficult...

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I'm in so way fluent either!

I'm in so way fluent either! Hence the extra training I'm getting. But yup travel to Germany is also quite high up there for me.

P.S. Law is fun (I know I'm crazy)