Good news

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My boyfriend's uncle in the head of classics at princeton university... he's got a wikipedia article and if you look him up on google the search even comes with his photos. Isn't it amazing?

I bombed my criminal law test yesterday. I've never felt that bad after a test. I've been reflecting a little bit - I need to get my act together. I can't just be complacent with my education. I must get A+ for everything. That means going to all my classes, making notes, and making sure I do extra revision. In law school a smart brain is not enough... cause no one's going to be stupid.

On a brighter note - I had one of the best debating tournaments over the weekend. I always knew I was good at debating... but I was scared I had peaked, and my debating would never reflect my grades and intelligence. However, something clicked at this tournament - and adjudicators would come say to me afterwards "X, you're the talk of all the adjudicators!". The comment that shocked me the most was by the chief adjudicator and passed on to me "X is a god. He will win Worlds." Worlds?! My heart was beating so fast when I heard this. That's the biggest most prestigious debating tournament in the world, with the top universities all clashing head on like Oxford, Harvard and so on. But now I've now got direction and validation. You guys wait. I will do this.

Everything else is sort of chugging along... German play, model UN and all. Over the July break I'll be flying to Australia representing the New Zealand delegation for the Australian Model UN. Wish me luck!

Hope all is well with all of you!