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When I saw you the first time...
I swear...
I heard some music chime.
The song of the angels flowing down,
putting glistening sunshine on your head...
A crown.
The perfect ruler for my body,
the perfect person for my habits...
so naughty.
What can I say?
This love, when I see you I feel it everyday.
When I first saw you, the music... so good.
It made me go down under...
Close my eyes, the sweet interlude.
Your eyes, so perfect, so true...
and your lips and body, too.
I just can't say enough about you..
Who you are, what you do.
Baby, I couldn't see you go.
Shoot me, shank me, hang me,
anything that I won't have to see you leave me.
The manacles around my feet, my wrists,
Enclosing me, binding me...
You touched me and you set me free.
It was the perfect moment,
and I swear it was a gift the angels sent.
I didn't want it to end,
but it made my tears come and my heart break and bend.
Please, please don't leave...
Don't make me sit here and grieve.
No, don't punch me. Please.. oh no!
I thought I loved you, didn't you know?!
I made it so obvious, so out there...
But now you're acting so unfair.
I don't know... Maybe I am just selfish...
Am I selfish? To want you? To hold you? To make you happy?
And when I see you down.. sappy...
It makes me want to pull you close, squeeze you tight...
Drift off in heavenly flight.
Good night.
Sleep tight...
And when you wake up...?
Please don't bite.
I love you. I really do.
And my love for you is everything -
Especially true.


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your love for him is so strong......that boy would be sooo lucky to be your bf :)

may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.

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Am I obliged to guess?

Whatever... it does help to keep one on an even keel! :)

I dearly hope he becomes much more than a beautiful (yet agonizing) dream!