i'll be sex unless you wanna hold hands

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- i had a job interview for the offices of a relatively high-profile company : things went really well, they're most likely taking me, seeing as my sister works there... i should, if all goes well, start training next week.

- this morning, i woke up to a penny on a sheet of paper. on the paper is written : "lucky penny so everything goes right for your interview and until i see you again! i miss you already"

- FINALLY on saturday we will have good weather

- i bought really awesome combat boots from the 60s for 35$, i feel so badass when i wear them...

- and a really cool raincoat, it's yellow


- i won't see my boyfriend until next week

- i have to wear dress pants for the potential job... i hate wearing dress pants, i feel like a marionette with no legs when i look at myself. it actually really messes me up, like what is in the mirror doesn't match me

- i have to spend my sunday working

basically my life is good
k bye


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Sounds like your life's being badass, well, except for the hubbyless week, but other than that, nice!

~The Sweet Escape is Always Laced with the Familiar Taste of Poison~

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Job interview!

I had one too! I'm doing some IT stuff for now.

May Yahweh bless you and your love's efforts in all things. :) (Not a blessing, I just am saying that. It's nothing fancy like that. XD)

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Ah you're lucky. I can't

Ah you're lucky. I can't find a fucking job no matter where I look.

Would you mind if I borrowed the combat boots? I wanna wear 'em to school and trick people into thinking I'm hardcore. :P

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That's so cute about the penny....
The boots and the raincoat both sound really cool, too.
Heheheh, I love wearing dress pants.
Good luck with the job! Glad your life is good!

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wow actual comments ahah

wow actual comments ahah