I'm home! And- the best news. Engagement!

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Just got back from California. I am doing very nicely.

Stieg proposed to me! He took me to a beautiful, secluded garden and asked me to marry him. I nearly passed out! Of course I said yes, and we are engaged to be married in August. :)


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Pretty good news!

Told you it'd get better :D <3
Amazingly offensive <3

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Oh, congratulations!

Wow. Yes, I had been wondering where you were and whether you were all right - I'm delighted to learn that you're better than all right!

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I'm so happy for you!

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:D :D

That's fantastic!

Congrats! :]

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*jumps up and down and

*jumps up and down and squeals like a little girl* Oh my gosh I'm so happy for yoouuu!!!! :P