Jeez, how strange it is to be gay

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I have had what should be, by all measures, a great day.
But I don't feel that great. I'm not even sure why.

ANYWAY, I was thinking about how strange it is to be gay.
It's just weird. Because, like, ya know, about 5% of people are gay.
And whenever I hear numbers like that, if you lined up 20 people, statistically one of them would be gay.
Which seems like both a little, and a lot. A lot, because it's just like wow, I can't say I know any gay people. Well, I probably do, but at least openly gay people.
So is the out rate just really low then? Who knows.
But it also seems like a little, because one person in 20 is not very many. And in any regular line, I would be that person. So usually, when I hear about something like dust mites that live in your eyelashes that 10% of people have, I usually assume, it's only 10%, it's likely not me, it's someone else.
But we are all "someone else" to someone else. And, to everyone else, I am that "someone else".
Which is a weird position to be in.

And I've also wondered, where does it come from?
Because, I've heard things about it being genetic or something, but I don't know why that would work. Because, first of all, obviously having the genetic quality to be gay drastically reduces the reproduction rate of those who have it, so natural selection would ensure it irradicated, because many gays don't reproduce.
Also, where would it come from? There's no need for a gay gene.
All it does is lower reproduction, which is bad.

As of yet I've never heard an explanation for the reasons why people are gay, that has satisfied me.
It seems like in most cases, you're either gay, or you're not. For a lot of people, it is a more fluid thing, but for another lot of people, it's just black and white.
Which would seem more like a genetic thing than an environmental, but for what reasons I've already said I don't think it is genetic.
But if it was environmental, I think we'd see a hell of a lot more bisexuality than we already have, like VERY few people could be classified as "straight" or "gay". Most of them would be varying degrees of bisexual.

Because, frankly, it's an indication that something is not working right.
When most guys see a hot girl, they get turned on in ways that prepare them for sex that will beget children and further the race.
Not so for me. I will never have "useful sex", in evolutionary terms.
So then why would I be gay? I've never picked anything here, it's just something that's different in me.
But many other things between me and other boys are the same.
It's not like a mental illness, which is a chemical imbalance that can be detected, fixed with pills, and is most of the time temporary or cycles.
But gayness is a lifelong thing, that cannot be "fixed", that isn't temporary, and that usually doesn't have any symptoms other than the single obvious one.

So, it's not the same as a hereditary mental illness, so what is it?
Because, in me at least, evolution has failed. I will never have children to further the race, and so I will be a hereditary dead end.
Of course, in modern times, that is actually more of a good thing. If everyone had 20 something kids like the Duggar family and just said "God will provide for them", we'd all die in our own feces.
So having another percent of the population that doesn't reproduce is a good thing.
And so, likely, I will live a fairly good life, full of my unproductive sex, even if my pool of potential dates is by default reduced from damn near half down to about 2% of people, or 2 in every hundred, or in other words, not many. And that's just the guys I could date, not even cutting down the ones I wouldn't want to.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Because boys are so much hotter, right? :P


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"Becuase boys are so much

"Becuase boys are so much hotter right? :P"

Amen Brother.... A fucking men :P

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Swimmerguy, I agree completely...

But what i DON'T agree with is Yamamoto's usage of "Amen"...because he just declared in his last post that he was athiest. Okay, I'm done...shutting the laptop now....and going to bed...

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I was a fucking sarcastic

I was a fucking sarcastic use of it and has nothing to do with your fucking religon. I am sorry, but your religon is not really that improtant... dispite what you want to think... please stop trying to make everything into a fight... that is so immature....

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Who's the immature one? The person using the word "Fuck" every sentence. Yeah, I'm 15. I'll be immature for a while. At least I have an excuse.

By the way, my religion is not a "fucking" religion. Replace that adjective with the word "Epic" and you got it.

Now I'm done with you. Don't bother commenting back, because I won't want to hurt your feelings or anything.

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You know what..... your

You know what..... your right. I will stop using the word 'fuck' every sentence... becuase it really does make me look kind of stupid. Wow your 15... I never would have guessed :P

Yes I can call it a 'whatever' religon I want to, becuase in fact any relgion is completely stupid and usless in my eyes and serves to do nothing, but hold humanity back. While some member of your congergations may be forward thinkers. I am sorry to say that overall it inspires egough stupidity among it's majority in order for any forward thinking to be carried backwards. So I am sorry, but if you want a fight about that subject, then I am most happen to give you one.

Yet please remember you are taking this away form the original point of the thread and so any farther you take this argument just makes you look like the ass who wanted to drag things out, becuase in truth. I will let it lie right here.....

So your move big guy... :P

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This, no wait, YOU, are making me LOL.

I stopped right after the second paragraph. Your idiocracy is too much for me to bare at this point. I know I may look like a horrible person, trolling this guy for all to see, but I don't know what it is about you, Yamamoto...but something about just reading ANYTHING you post...makes me angry. It's the points you're trying to get across. So anyways,

I believe I owe an apology for what you sai dbaout my religion. I, in no way, said anything bad about your beliefs, even though I agree with them none what so ever, but you did. In fact, the main focus of your reply looked like it was to dog on Christianity, which steps this whole thing to another level. Religion does not hold anyone back, it guides them onto the road of what's right and wrong. Wrong being killing your roomate. It also goes by faith. If you aren't strong enough to have faith, you're not strong at all. Just saying, and I know a lot of athiests on here will post disagreeing with me, but I am not calling you guys names like he did to me. Well, he didn't call me names, but offended me a great amount.

Wow, I have NEVER in my time of being here wanted to study, because this man is making me feel stupid, just reading his idiotic replies.

Yamamoto, just stop. You are not doing yourself justice here.

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Chris I don't care what you

Chris I don't care what you say, becuase in truth trolling Chirstians is somthing I do. When I was young I wacthed a group of so called Chirstian kill a young man by dragging him behind a fucking car. If you don't believe me then I really don't care, becuase you wouldn't be the first Christian to not believe me... and probably not the last. Your whole religion is in denial anyway. I don't really even need to give you a long response, but my reason as for why I sit here and insult you have just been laid out. I am never going to forgive your relgion for killing one of my friends...

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How fucked up are you?

Oh wow...just wow. You are really fucked up aren't you? You're going to blame a whole religion for killing your friend? I didn't kill him. My neighbor across the street didn't. One guy did. ONE. Not all of us. We didn't beat the living shit out of him, one by one. A single guy did it. A buddhist could've, and ATHIEST could have, but no, just beacuse a christian did it, it's all christian's faults. Blame us because we have faith in a higher power. We have the strength to love and to have faith, unlike someone...*cough *cough Yamamoto...But still, we believe in this thing called "reason" God has a reason for everything, even him being killed. So if that man DIDN'T kill him, he could've easily just got cancer and died slowly. Or got hit by a bus or something. From what I'm assuming, he died quickly. But WE are not the reason for that. I have hopes that blind athiests that were raised that way, or didn't know any better could still get to heaven...

But dude...

You're fucked.

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Hey Chris? Please calm down...

It's been a long day and we're all on edge. I gave Yamamoto enough grief today. Save your arguments for another day, please. Please?
Amazingly offensive <3

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I posted that before I saw your comment...

I'm done, if he'd stop fucking commenting and trashing my faith...


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In fact I refuse to stop...

In fact I refuse to stop... becuase of the simple fact you don't get how this was done... it was done by a GROUP... please point your eyes towards the word GROUP of people. Read before basing your arugment around somthing you asshole. In truth I won't stop, and plus I could care less of your option of me becuase I know how happy and great my life will be, and I will know I don't support the killing of innocent people for no reason at the hands of a evil 'cult' *Cough* Christianity *Cough* which has grown way to far out of control. My own grandmother uses your religon to hate me all the time, so no I am not going to be nice about it.

And you know what... I don't expect you to be nice to me ethier. As a Chirstian that is what you where brainwashed to do right? :P

PS: If anyone is wondering why I don't stop... it is becuase the option of the population of this website is already so low. That there really is no reason for me to stop... I mean you guys hate me so much anyway, it is better just to keep going than to attempt to repair my image anyway. Becuase trust me, you guys have yet to meet the real me....

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You know what? I couldn't

You know what? I couldn't give a shit less about you. Go burn your face off with some hydrochloric acid, you prick. I tried to be nice in the beginning, but all you seem to want is pity! "I'm depressed", and "I wanna kill someone" and worst of all "I'm mad at Awesome Christian's because my friend who ALSO pitied me for All of the Above got killed by them, who were probably FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD/" Dude, not just christians can be fucked up in the head. Look in the mirror. You're EXACTLY what you're condemming! "Won't supposrt the killing of innocent people for no reason" Uh, dude. You just said that you were going to kill your roomate, JUST because he's abusing the act of sex. You're a loser hypocrite AND do NOT deserve the pity some of these people are giving you! Make a Twitter, or Blog Spot, and use that! Nobody reads those, so you'll be fine to express yourself, thinking that your two followers actually CARE about you. FUCK OFF.

*Sigh* Sorry everyone else. If you hate me for going off on him, so be it.

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Hey, Yama, you too, please.

Religions are touchy subjects. I respect everyone has different beliefs. Can you guys, too? There are bad people in Christianity, Buddhism, Athiesm, EVERY religion. It isn't the religion, it's the person.

So can we be good people and accept each other here? It's a long day. I know you're both stressed out. But forcing your religions down each other's throats won't solve anything, it just looks really stupid and mean. So please?

Also, neither of you is representing your side very well by being so mean and intolerant...
Amazingly offensive <3

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As I said before I don't

As I said before I don't know if there is really any point in stopping. I am so hated by people around here, that trying to stop and make things better isn't going to happen. I mean at least if I keep fighting with Chris then I feel like a got a punch in the nose at the relgion that killed my friend. If I do nothing, then well everyone just hates, and all I do is contiune to write stuff that no one gives a shit about even if it becomes cheerful form here on out. I don't see the point in stopping really....

Oh and on a side note Chris... I said I don't support 'cults' getting away with killing people.... as for indivuals commiting what in my personal option will be a personal killing, well that depends on the reason. I think that mine goes along with my ideals.

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Well then,

You're ideals are wrong, sick, twisted, and warped.. Now, I'm taking Dracofangxxx's advice, and being the mature one, and ending this. I'm going to bed. Maybe you can collect your thoughts while you sleep and maybe creat a halfway decent argument.

HA! I made myself laugh.

Night everyone except Yamamoto!

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Right....... your being the

Right....... your being the mature one. That is a joke, in fact the instant you entered into your relgion was the day that you lost the ability to be considered mature, but I will give you... what you want out of this. Mr. Big Mature man thinks he is all grown up now :P When you get your head out of your ass and quite believing in God then you will be mature... until then. Sorry, that had happening becuase your still a idiot.

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Wanna prove me wrong?

Kill yourself. I don't care about you, know you in real life, or anything. But I don't get how ANYONE could like you. I'm going to leave this site, because I'm sure that NOBODY will like me after this, but do it. You can see who is right first hand. And when you meet Satan at those Gates to Hell, just know that I'll be up here, living a life WORTH living. Not in a cult, in a personal relationship with a Man who answers all my questions, forgives and loves me no matter what I do. Knowing that gets me through life. What do you have? An asshole roomate and a horrible life. Bwah, buh bye forever.

Oh, and P.S., You're defending nothing. I hope you know that. It's what you believe in. Nothing.

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Your probably right about

Your probably right about that, I should just prove you wrong, becuase I never bet on anything I wouldn't stake my life on. Oh and just to let you know, that if you directly keep someone form becoming Chirstian then God would wish that you where never born... So if you are right you will be joining me in hell and I will be laughing at you on the way in. Becuase I know where I will end up and according to Dante it should be... somewhere in a forest with the rest of the people who kill themselves, but don't worry. I will be able to see you in the Plain of the Sodomites or somewhere near there. Or hell maybe Level 2 will be for your. If you don't know of what I speak then when you grow up maybe you can read some Dante's Inferno... it would be good for you.

PS: If Hell is real, then guess what... all Christian are going, sinice most of you are walking hypocrytics anyway. As Ganhdi once said, "I would galdly become a Chirstian... if I ever meet one..."

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Wow. You really have no idea

Wow. You really have no idea what you're talking about. Read the bible and you'll have all the answers you need for you to prove the people who are right about religion wrong.

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Sorry for extra post

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Dude I know more about your

Dude I know more about your religon than you do... I am a History Major in my second year of college and was a Chirstian longer than you have been alive... I have read the bible more times than you can count, and it says the same thing everytime. Nothing.... I already have all my answers to prove you wrong. You just haven't taken this to a scholarly argument. If you want to debate instead of name call that is fine with me, but I won't take it esay on your little childish faith. Trust me I have challeged the faith of my old preachers and yours will be no differnt...

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Sorry for

Sorry for extra post...

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On the point about evolution...

Let me pose you a question Chad,

If natural selection works in the way with the (implicit) assumptions you described, then why are there worker bees and queen bees? Worker bees never reproduce and can never pass on their genetic information. Try applying your answer analogously to the gay gene. (this is only one reason how a gene that appears prima facie to be non-adaptive may be retained in a population.)

The thing is I believe in evolution too but the way you've described it is too simple.

Also, I remember you posing the same question before, and I have posted a longer response to that. I may find it and repost it later.

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As far as I know, they are not the same. All the bees that are born from the queen bee are drones, but if from birth if they are fed what's called "royal jelly" then they will develop to become a sexually mature queen. Otherwise they'd just be another female worker.
That analogy would make gayness completely environmental from the beginning of life.

And I thought that was how evolution was. It's mostly a simple thing, the things that have more favorable traits are more likely to survive longer and beget more favorable offspring than the unfavorable ones, and thus unfortuate traits are eliminated.
There are other factors such as genetic drift and gene flow, but most of it is in random mutations that are then put through the test of natural selection.
Complex behaviors and traits arise because evolution works on a grand timescale, taking many millions of years to eliminate a single unfortunate trait.
However, some traits that create swift and certain death or sterilization of those affected can sometimes be removed in a single generation.
Gayness does neither, but it also drastically reduces the chances of reproduction, which would make it seem something that evolution should remove.

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clearly it hasnt ever, since it is evident in nearly all animals sorts.

furthermore, humans are pack animals, we look out for one another. so we kinda screw with evolution in the way we keep people alive, even ones who nature might finish off if it wernt for things like housing and civilization and microwaves.

i mean, imagine how many people are saved by hospitals each year. that kinda counteracts evolution, becuase we dont let natural selection have its way with who dies and who dosnt.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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Nooo, girls are so hot~

I mean I know I'm bisexual, but there's rarely I guy I look at and go, "Damn I wish I could just get my face all up in that"
But if I see some hot babe with her boobs all out and nice legs, I just die inside XD

I think I'm more gay than I know :P
Amazingly offensive <3

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well, i mean, like the majority of animals have a few gay animal partners. so clearly homoseuality is in all of nature. to me that does disregard the idea that it could be a learned thing/brough on by your childhood, cuase animals dont really have a childhood in the way we think of one.

so theres my(poorly worded) explanation for why the idea its learned/creatd through envorionment.

onward to the evolution part!
sooo, you know how any time a speices got to powerful, nature will tend hack it down with a plague/natural disastor/soemthing? perhaps homosexuality is a bit of a fail safe in that situation? let me explain that a bit. so since homohsexuality occurs in such a small portion of the population, it wouldnt become a big deal until you had like a ton of people living toghether. so perhaps its natures way of slowing reproduction in such a way that it dosnt serioulsey afffects overall growth, and only when theres a large amount of people toghether already does it have an affect.
furthermore, ever heard the term, it takes a village to raise a kid? well that fits very nicley with homosexuals, they would be able to assist in the raising of others children since they had none of there own to look after. they could that one extra pair of eyes and ears looking out could mean the differnce between a child dying whil no one was wacthing, and a normal day

also, on the reliougos debate: very inappropriate to put so many posts on a journal that wasnt about reliogen at all, ans very inappropriate that you both got so angry face about it instead of civiley discussing it. theres a time and a place on oasis, and chadlings journal wasnt it at all. if it were on one of your journals, or on a forum about reliogen, youd be justified. but your both sorta new, so seconds chances, right? :)

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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I think homosexuality is great since it helps to lower the population, we're almost at 7 billion (THAT IS INDEED A LOT OF PEOPLE!) anyway so yeah. 6.9 billion as of now, estimated to be 10.5 by the year 2050.

As for this crazy 3:00 AM argument I can only say no one won. It was between two people who were too biased to carry the points they tried to make. I only wish I could have been here to try and stop the mayhem and contribute none of my views.

R.I.P. Poor Chad's journal, poor Dracofangxxx's forum topic.

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<3 why do I love you so much now X3

Srsly, you're cracking me up!
Amazingly offensive <3

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Just gonna ignore the whole Yamamoto debate thing.

I don't have any desire to reproduce. You couldn't even pay me a million dollars to have sex with a man. I guess it is a little weird, but it's alright with me. We have so many people anyway. I don't really care what causes it. I just know I love pretty girls. Haha. It does suck to think that the number of potential dates is low, and the fact that I have a type I like makes it abysmally lower...

There are a lot of different things that could cause it. I just know I didn't make a conscious choice. No one abused me, so that one's out too. I heard somewhere that some people believe it could be a hormone imbalance from when you were in the womb, but I'm not so sure. There was this study that says many gay people had been exposed to more/less androgens in the womb than straight people, which affected the length of their fingers, but I've read about the finger length thing, and I have gay boy hands. Hmm. Maybe there are different causes for different people?

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I've asked those questions a lot...

These are questions that many people do ask, and that scientists have been working on for years... I really dunno any specifics... I just kinda laugh off the questions and say it's the world's way of saying that there's too many humans. Like, a natural form of birth control... But that's just me being silly.

"When you can't walk you crawl, and when you can't do that you find someone to carry you" ~Firefly