Monday should go sell it's body on ebay

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Wow, what a shitty day. Just like, wow.
ANYWAY, well, as you probably well know, my orthodontist decided to shaft me directly in the mouth with a stupid new treatment thing I don't even want. It's kinda better now. I mean, or course it's still gross and uncomfortable and changes the shape of my face and not in a positive way...
But at least it's not like the first few days when I would get up in the morning, and I would be in debilitating pain, and I'd literally be like just lying there with the light off because it was so effing painful.
But now it's just stupid and uncomfortable, instead of outright painful. I mean, it is still painful, but not nearly as painful.

Well, and apparently the school officials also decided to get together for a good old group shafting of me, in the ass this time, as they usually do around this time of year.
2 shaftings, actually.
The first is that you know that our school ends next month, in June.
And so, apparently, before things lighten up and get a little easier in June and we finally get to relax, there's a little month called May.
And they decided to make this month as much a piece of cock as they could. This week is a full five day week, so is next week, then the next week we have one half day, then the next week is a full five day week.
Just like, wow. How cockulous.
We're just getting towards the end of the year and they decide to give us one more gigantic shafting.
And then, for some reason, they decided that next month in June, they'd make it even weirder and crappier.
Since we had a few snow days, they had to extend the school year, originally planned to end on Wednesday, June 15. BUT, they extended it so that that's now a full day, Thursday is a full day, then Friday is a half day, and then we have a regular, 2 day weekend, and then we have to go back to school one more time for 1 more half day.
I'm just like, school ends on a Monday? What the crap? That couldn't be avoided?
So I'll just be getting used to long hours of Assasin's Creed and sleeping and swimming, and then I have one, final little molestation to get through.

I dunno why I'm so tired and depressed though.
I mean, drivers ed is a huge kick in the balls. I have to take that 3 times a week. And my mom is like the least relaxed person to drive with ever, just like "Okay, brake, brake, Brake, BRAKE, BRAKE!! BBBRRAAAAAKKKEEE!!!! AUUUGAUGAUGSHGHGH!!!!!!" and has blood-curdling screams when I'm like Mom, come on, I braked maybe a little late, but I'm trying to avoid slamming on the breaks, so I use all the braking distance.

But other than that I don't know what else I have to be tired and depressed about. I mean, school sucks, but it always does.
Drivers ed sucks, and it doesn't usually.
Oh, and today there was this really cool song that my brother played in the car, and I have no clue what it was, and I was trying to find it, but my brother doesn't remember what it was and I just dunno.
It made me happy, I wanted to listen to it more.

But uggh, I just dunno, I mean, I think I know what part of it is but I'd feel really bad bringing it up, so I won't.

Anyone else feel like really really crappy for absolutely no reason whatsoever?


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I'm sorry I just remembered something that made me giggle.
If any of you watch The Colbert Report, he talked about it when Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed, and he was like "Now, you've gotta wonder if that guy who's out there saving your ass, might be saving it for later :P"
Pwehehehehe. Sorry :P

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I'm not a fan of "being shafted in the mouth" and "a piece of cock" as having negative connotations.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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When I say something's bad, I could say it's terrible, but that's a lot less interesting than a genital reference.
And being shafted in the mouth would not be fun when it's my orthodontist:P

I could try female genital references, but those are less fun. My day was very cuntishly pussy-ish.
See? Less interesting than cockulous or even better, cock-n-ballsish.

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Bad days pass memories stay with you forever

Schools going to be over before enyone knows what hit them, then every one is going to start bitching about how it's too hot, or their job is to harsh.

My dad's like the exact oppisite, he likes to tell me how i'm going to ware out the brakes stoping so fast.