My new 2nd favorite song

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Just wanted you guys to know, I mean, of course my favorite song is still Lemme Smang It, and one of my friends has these like 250$ headphones that make it sound truly jizz-tastic.
I would embed it, but I imagine everyone's already annoyed enough by it being my signature. (I contemplated embedding it in the signature, but that would be extremely cockulous)

So, here's my new 2nd favorite song, called "King of the Bongo":

Sexy, am I right? It's a very happy-tastic song.

Quickly, I'm sorry Blast Hardcheese :P

Oh, and one more thing, this is probably the only Internet I haven't beaten yet, and because it's too hard. I've gotten to level 5, but it really is a bitch:

Other than that, have a good night Oasisies!


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You seriously liked Lemme Smang It? I thought you kept linking to it as a joke, hehe. ;-)

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I heard that song during Color Guard XD We danced to it XD It's very weird and awesome :)

I always thought he was talking about masturbation when I first heard it, cause I think I misheard a lot of the lyrics :P
but seriously.... good song :3
That's redick!