My only regret: I shall die as a virgin

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Well, as you all know, we are all dying tomorrow. Or rather, we are starting 5 months of utmost torture, and then we die.
But only if you're Atheist.
Or Muslim, for that matter. Or anything that isn't Christian (sorry other 5 and a half billion people) :P
Well, since I obviously haven't been deflowered yet, lets hope there will be an oppurtunity during those 5 months of torture. Although, I'm not really sure exactly what "5 months of torture" entails. Well, we'll find out soon enough, I'm sure.
Although, on the off chance that doesn't happen, maybe the relief will be such I could get a hug or kiss or something :P

Anyway, my homepage is MSN, so whenever I open up the Internet I'm barraged by news reports I really care nothing about.
But recently there was one about Stephen Hawking saying some or other sciency Atheist thing that offended religious people.
And I decided to look at that one, and on that site there were a lot of articles about Stephen Hawking.
One of them was how he called heaven a fairy story or something.
And then there was this big argument in the comments. These are paraphrased by the way, I saw this a few days ago and I'll be damned if I'm applying my ass to finding it again.

"We don't need God, we have the law of Gravity which creates things"
"But then where did the universe come from if God didn't create it?"
"Well, Stephen H says something really can come from nothing, it just appeared. And by the way, who created God? Jeez, whenever you ask Christians that question they always change the subject real quick"
"Well, it makes no sense that something could come from nothing, I'll give Hawking nothing and tell him to make something. You don't even get space, because that is something. And where did the Law of Gravity come from?

And I was like, wow, you guys are so cool (not) :P
First of all, stop it. Both arguments are easy to attack.
You're going to have to accept a logical contradiction here.
If you don't believe in God, then either the universe always was, which doesn't really make sense because nothing can be forever theoretically at least, or there was nothing before the universe, and then there was something, which obviously doesn't make sense.
If you do believe in God, then same questions, he can't have always been there, but if he wasn't, then who created him? The Bible just starts with the spirit of God moving over the water of the sea, it doesn't bother itself with before then.

Either way, it doesn't make sense, and it's really a waste of energy to point out the other logical flaw while just ignoring your own.
Jeez, dick pickles.

So, where do you think the universe came from? Really, I think it's kind of a pointless question.
Because if it did start at a certain point, ah, see, I wanted to say a certain point in time but if the universe started at some point, then theoretically there would be no time, space, matter or energy at all.
So then there wouldn't be a certain point it would start, because there's no time.
Bleh. See this just makes my head hurt. I don't know what it's like to have no time because I always have and I always will.

And then, a few things I think that are weird about theoretical sciency things:
Well, supposedly, the universe is expanding, and all space with it, so it's like, what is the universe expanding into? Because that would assume the universe has edges. And it seems weird to imagine everything having an edge, because that would mean that there's nothing ouside everything, right?
And we can't comprehend that. There's not even space, because as we know, space, even in a perfect vacuum has properties, it's kinda like a vast soup of particles that in an instant appear with a negative and then in the next instand disappear. So everything stays at zero. Or something else like that.
So that means there's, well, not a place, really the only word for it is nothing, where nothing is and nothing can exist. And maybe it is nothing that has no limits? But of course it does, because it's nothing, and therefore doesn't exist, so of course it doesn't go on forever.

Other things I think that are interesting are things like light, which we don't really understand. Because it is a wave, but a wave is nothing in itself, a wave needs something to wave through.
But there is nothing to wave through. So we think that light is kind of a wave and a particle. And so is everything else.
The larger you get, like a golf ball, it's hard to see its wavelike properties, but they are there at a quantum level.

Also, the idea of fundamental particles, it just seems weird to me that there are supposedly things that cannot be divided, they're as small as they can be. It seems like you can always continue dividing, right?
But no :P

And, in an atom, with the electrons spinning around, each in their own shell, when an electron changes shells and goes into a higher or lower energy state, it crosses between shells without crossing the space in between :P
So, it just like poof, then poof, and it's there. No travel. There is no middle ground for an electon :P

SO it's way too late, my computer is about to shut off, so I must say goodnight, my Oasisites.


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Happy last day on Earth!

Kidding. Why do so many people think an 80 odd year old crackpot is right about that? :|

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I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same objections to exactly the same scientific theories that you just made. Those, and the bit about the origin of life - molecules randomly colliding together until life happens, just doesn't seem plausible. As far as I know, human scientists still have not been able to replicate the results (make life out of nonliving matter), and they've done some pretty amazing things, like create new elements that didn't exist on our planet before. So I'm fine with science as long as it stays bigger than molecules and later than the origin of the first bacterium. Anything outside of that, and I just accept that I don't know. Maybe the 'scientific' theories are right, or maybe there's a God involved, or maybe something else entirely, or maybe there is no answer. I don't know; I neither believe nor disbelieve.

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Fun with Stieg and Ask

Stieg: I like to think that the prime deity set the universe in motion, set the rules, and on special occasions makes exceptions to the rules. I honestly believe there's room for a deity and science in the same universe.
And the answers to all these questions will be found, eventually. I'm not one to believe that there are things we aren't meant to believe, or that 'I don't know' is the end. We must always search, because it's our duty to the cosmos we are composed of to always seek understanding of it. As an esteemed scientist once said: "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself."

Ask: I tend to agree with Stieg. Yahweh surely did not intend us to stay in the dark; science truly gives us a way to better appreciate creation. One needs not believe in Yahweh, either. Science is truly a means for enlightenment. The search for understanding is surely a divinely ordained endeavour that not only the faithful should go through.
'I don't know' is a good placeholder, but we need to search on, and that's what scientists do. If they're wrong, they're wrong, and they change and move on.
I hope what I just said was on topic.
Oh, and I'm fairly sure both Yahweh and the universe existed always. I think Yahweh is part of the universe, so naturally both would have to exist at once if one does. I hope that's a good argument.

Stieg: About the apocalypse, my conclusion is that people are just really, really, incredibly foolish. I feel very sorry for those who have lost their homes and money because they thought the world was ending.

Ask: I concur.

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Your virginity...

Has been given a reprieve...

But for all we know, the end is still coming soon. So make a concerted effort to get rid of it!

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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so when do i get to meet

so when do i get to meet jesus?

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Go to Latino night at any gay club...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Maybe an Oasis orgy?

That is like the least me-ish thing to say... but heh.
Yes, I shall go with the AGREE WITH MACAVITY route on everything but it staying larger than molecules. I enjoy quantum theory, whether it's true or not, I don't know. But it's fun to think about.

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This is a relief. For awhile

This is a relief. For awhile I thought I was the only virgin on this site...

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From this moment on...

"Dick pickles" will become part of my vernacular. Also, "turd lickers".

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One is inoffensive...

...the other provokes gagging. But, that could just be me?