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Heh, it's like everyone here has watch-synchronized group periods or something. And everyone ran out of tampons at the exact same time.
And underwear. And only have thin white khaki pants left.

So, I've decided now that I like German a lot. Because, you know, in English, we would say "That is very bad". Where in German, they'd say "Das ist sehr schlect.'
Imagine that, the word for "bad" is "schlect". Doesn't that just SOUND bad to you? German truly is the language of anger.
And I've figured out a few great new phrases.

My 2 new favorites:
Ich schlache deine Mutters Arschloch.
Which is literally, "I slaughter your mom's asshole", makes for a great insult in the world of my friends where we always talk about doing each other's moms, so they can't understand me, because none of them take Deutsch.

and Du ableckst Erdnussbutter in dein Hunds Arschloch.
Which means "You lick peanut butter in your dog's asshole".
Isn't that fun?

So, today I am EXTREMELY tired, and likely will not get much more sleep tonight, but tomorrow is a half day, and a Friday, all at the same time.
So it won't be difficult.
And then I have a weekend. I'm already feeling more optimistic than last night :P

So, news of importance in my life:
My piano teacher of 8 or 9 years, I forget, decided last week that she was moving back East to rejoin her family. Probably the last time I will ever see her was just yesterday. She gave me new musics and things, and sent me on my way.
I'm not sure I'll get a new teacher, and I definitely won't until next school year starts. Because it is liberating now to not have a piano teacher, to just be able to play what I want, when I want, and practice at my own speed with my own technique, and now I'm at the skill level I can do it.
But I'm also selfish. For years and years I've been the small child who can't play the piano and was afraid and humbled by the big high schoolers who could.
I'm now entering that reign, just at last recital, one of the younger kids said "I wanna practice a whole bunch so I can be good just like Chad!" which was awesome.
And if I don't have a teacher, I don't have recitals, and no audience to show off to.

And finally, next Monday, our school's very own Republican club is holding a forum on political diversity after school, and I think I'm gonna go.
Because I tend to as a group dislike basically all Republicans and conservatives.
Well, at least their political opinions. I like Donald Trump, I think he's hilarious, but I don't like his positions.
And then there's people like Newt Gingrich, who are just all around evil.
Like he embodies what I think of conservative Republicans.
He says America is getting too secular.
But, at the same time, he likens the Muslims who wanted to build a mosque near ground zero to Nazis.
So he wants more religion, but only if it's his religion?
Whatever, Newt.
Oh, and also, he has his third wife now, and he cheated with his second wife on his first wife, and with his third wife on his second wife.
Imagine how shafted his second wife is. He married her because he cheated on his wife with her, and then later, cheated on her and married the woman he did it with.
Isn't that interesting?

Good night Oasises!


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*Splorfels* If I had some

*Splorfels* If I had some kind of beverage it would be all over my computer screen right now, because, GROUP PERIODS, GERMAN YO MAMA JOKES, CHEATER HUSBAND AND THE CHEATED SECOND WIFE. *dies laughing*

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Heheh... Conservatives.

And I really am on my period! Funny!
Amazingly offensive <3

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Conservatives Make Me Get Violent

I'm not kidding. They really do. There is nothing that makes me more violent than a self-righteous Christian Conservative Republican.
I don't hate Christians as a whole, nor Republicans, not Conservatives, but add the three together and I start throwing punches.
-cough- ... Literally, a few times ><
Debate class was always fun until the little guy in the crowd said something about me being a dyke that was gonna burn in hell and never get married.
He got beat up after school by your's truly.

I has a temper, it's my biggest vice...
But I apologized afterwards, I swear!
Well, no, I didn't, but I wish I had, because that kid probably hates gay people even more now ^^;

~The Sweet Escape is Always Laced with the Familiar Taste of Poison~

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Ich schlache deine Mutters

Ich schlache deine Mutters Arschloch


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Ah yes...German class with

Ah yes...German class with Frau Bakker is the highlight of my day.

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...y'know what's

...y'know what's sexist?

period jokes.

just sayin'.

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Ya know what's hilarious?


Yeah, I know, but I have enough faith in the fact that I'm not sexist, to make sexist jokes, because I know they're funny.

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So you're on yours, too? :)

Just teasing :P

I mean, I'm a woman and I make period jokes all the time. I don't see it as sexist at all :P It's a fact of life that periods = crankiness and moodiness for like 2349369030963 women XP
Amazingly offensive <3

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no i mean, sexist jokes are

no i mean, sexist jokes are hilarious or whatever, but swimmerguy, you need to watch the way you come across. Since "girls are so crazy" and "vaginas are gross" and "lolololololgirlyparts" are like, 40% of what you say, I get worried.

plus, even if you're not sexist, you're still furthering the sorts of blanket statements that validate the gender binary, which trust me is not good for anybody here on this site.

and yes, I am waaaaay too touchy about this issue.

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Trying... but still not there

"you're still furthering the sorts of blanket statements that validate the gender binary"

I read... and re-read... and I have no idea what this means!

Is help on the way?

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making giant statements

making giant statements about "all girls are this" or "ohmygod why do girls do blahblahblah?" is grouping all girls together under specific actions, qualifiers, etc, saying "a girl is somebody who does this or is like this."
That sentence is also saying "a boy does not do these things."
It's saying "the difference between girls and boys is clear and definable."

of course, I acknowledge that Chad doesn't ACTUALLY BELIEVE these things. I know that he's smarter, kinder, nicer, and far more aware of his surroundings than people who say that.

But however, and this is why I have an issue with gender-jokes and woman jokes and often gay jokes, is while chad is a nice guy, there is no way of knowing who is going to hear those jokes and what they're going to mean to those people. Those little, meaningless side comments can be hurtful.

Like for example I am hurt by Chad's period comments. Because, like, my goal is to increase the cuntlove in my life, to get over the bottom dysphoria that society has piled onto me, and to acknowledge that having a vagina makes me neither a woman, nor weak, nor pissy/moody/more likely to participate in the stupid drama that we see around here.

sorry for the epicrant.

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Well you're causing drama right now!

But... Being on your period does consist of a higher amount of hormones that TENDS to make us more irritable. The joke is the irritability, not the necessity of the PERIOD. He could have just as easily said "It's like you're all people trying to quit smoking!" Same concept, doesn't apply to everyone, yadda yadda.

Take a joke plz.
Amazingly offensive <3

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i hope not to cause drama. I

i hope not to cause drama. I just wanted to point out that not everybody is okay with all comments. I acknowledge that he was joking. it's cool. I'll put the angry feminist away now.

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I know, I'm just trying to say,

That just because a penis or a vagina gets involved doesn't really mean you have the right to get so offended. I mean, sure get offended, but sometimes it's a little rediculous :P
Amazingly offensive <3

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<3 well as long as i'm

<3 well as long as i'm allowed to be offended.



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Damn! I was close! Lately I've been shortening it to "redick"

Which is probably why I did that XP
Amazingly offensive <3

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^ that was me making fun of myself.

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Would "vaginas are gross" validate the gender binary? If we keep hearing sex and gender are different, vagina is linked more to sex, no?

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Did I learn something here?

Anyway... Should I be hearing/seeing something relevant by clicking on the above link (or whatever)? For me... nothing! :(

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Ignoring argument.

Hey, but I'm on mine too, Shelby. How is it that we haven't, like, killed each other?
I must say that this entire journal is really awesome, though :D

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Because you haven't done anything that I considered annoying

Sure you hurt my feelings, but whatevs :I S'all water in the grass or whatever.
Amazingly offensive <3