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So, even though I hurt myself and couldn't race the super-d downhill this weekend in hood river, I still drove down. I rolled in to town @ 2 am on friday night, after work, and crashed @ my buddie's hotel's parking lot.

Saturday, I headed up the course, walked it for a bit, and hung out w. some old friend, who are HR locals. I love it there. If I could live there, I probably would.

It's a pretty liberal town, everyone is so chill and laid back, and it has virtually every action sport you can think of.

an awesomely built and maintained skate park, gorge access for windsurfing or kiting, and mtn biking everywhere along the columbia.

just to give you an idea, here is a photo of the trail I rode today-http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/5624882/

it drops about 3 miles along the columbia river in bingen washington, and gets extremely fast, steep and technical.

basically, I was just down in hood river to have a good time. I rode that trail w/ an f-ed up ankle, too.

I stayed w/ my friend Jay and his son, ben. I think chad may know ben through swimming as he's one of the faster kids in the state for his age-14.

anyway, ben had this whole glee obsession going, and his dad and I thought it was kind of funny. he absolutely HAD to watch all his glee episodes before going to bed...and before we hit the trails. god what a GLEEK. haha

the kid cleaned house though- not only did he win his 19 rider deep class, but he and his pop took home half the raffle prizes on $10 worth of tickets! can you say rigged? lol..

so it was a fun weekend of filming, drinking, and riding in oregon...but, then I headed to the potential BF's place.

I know I haven't talked about him much on here, but a few months ago, and potential BF came on the scene, and now we are kind of official after today.

we met on the beach outside of port ludlow, for those of you who know where that is. it was me, him, his bro and sis, anf their kid.

after said kid slips and gets hurt on a rock, bro and sis leave, and leave us there alone- a rare thing considering his alcoholism in th past.

anyway, there we are, walking along this nearly abandoned beach, and he PUSHED me into the water, all of my clothes on!

I totally got him back, and we dried off in the sun together, build a hell of a drift wood fort, and then things got heated...

We started cuddling, and he kissed me.

heart stops. awkward. but I wanted more. I kissed him back! I kissed a guy!

anyway, that was just the beginning. apparently, I suck @ kissing. haha.

but as we began to kiss, he started petting me a bit, and even kissed my shirtless chest and neck...I jokingly referred to it as foreplay, and he was like "that's what I was goin; for"

by this time, the beach was abandoned, and we were the only souls in the park. we started making out.

he took his hand, and began to rub my crotch. no joke. I was sooo horny. like, hornier than I have ever felt, so I just let what happened next happen.

and it happened. I got my first BJ.

felt soooo good, can't even describe it. all those songs that describe sex on the beach? totally true feeling. felt soooo good.

so that happened, today I lost teh v-card...or at least the oral v card, and I did that on top of driving 500 miles w/ one stop!

all in all, one great memorial day weekend!


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I just checked my DVR and find that the last 17 episodes are lying in waiting!

I don't know where I'll find the time... but, I feel I must!

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Wow... another 'lucky

Wow... another 'lucky person' on Oasis... what are the odds :(

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It just kind of happened, man. If anything, the tension has been building up between us for like 6 months. it was gonna happen @ some point. besides, @ 23, I was way more than overdue for it,

btw, how are you man? I haven't been on here in forever.

and elph, apparently, I am missing out! I guess I need to watch it. the best part of the weekend though, was when he was singing the songs, but was too young to name the artist!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Well good for you :( You

Well good for you :( You aren't the only one long over due for that kind of shit... I am 21, so don't even get me started :(

Oh how am I, well actually I am not going to say, becuase I will get acussed of being troll wether it is good or bad, and just get hated on by everyone... so no... I will not tell you how I feel...

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I am 23 bro...haha.

thought I was gonna end up the 40 y/o virgin...believe me.

I kinda got an idea how you feel, but say w/e you want dude. i honestly have probably felt the same way or understand where you are coming from. I just posted because I was so shocked it happened, and i knew my friends on here would be too.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Ahh... don't worry about it.

Ahh... don't worry about it. I probably will end up being the fourty year old virgin anyway... becuase there was no way I would have ever let somthing give me a blowjob like that if they where not my BF :P... So yeah... lucky you I am at least gald that other people I know are able to live happy and productive lives... :(

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So happy for you :D
That's redick!

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Yeah get some! >:D

Congratulations for losing your v card, dude. Now it's my turn to lose it! Hopefully... :P

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..... Yeah everyone on this

..... Yeah everyone on this site is living a better life then I ever will :(