:P Well hello again, my Oasisies

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Well, as it turned out, I had wifi on San Juan, which I didn't expect to, but I still didn't post any journals, just kept up on PM's, because I had less time anyway.

Well cock, this hotel shower has hideousized my hair, and there were literally zero hot boys to speak of :(
Even worse, we meant to catch the 4 o clock ferry, so we showed up at 1, but we only got the 6:25 ferry :P
Which got me home a lot later than I would have liked. Which is kinda inclining me to not do my homework because I'm lazy and have had no sexual stimulation of any kind for the past 3 days :(

However, on the bright side:
I got to drive both to and from Anacortes, which is quite a ways, maybe an hour and a half drive, thus giving me some good practice that I dearly need.
My cockulous elbow that I injured in my bike crash and have had to keep bandaged until today is getting better and no longer requires a bandage that makes it impossible for me to bend my arm :P

Well, and several other good things that I have neither the strength nor the caring to recount here.

COCK, WHY DID WE HAVE TO MISS THAT FERRY, I would've gotten back home more than 2 hours sooner, and I totally would have had the strength to do my homework then.
But I don't now.
And I have shit I really need to do. It's getting towards the end of the year and I have to keep my grades up.
And Blueboy is confuzing the hell out of me, I really can't figure him out.
And really, I'm not sure he understands himself either :P

So basically, for a snapshot of me, I have a very very confusing mass of positive and negative building up, and I'm not sure whether to be optimistic or pessimistic, although I lean more towards pessimistic because I'm tired and it's easier.
Well anyway, good night Oasisies, and I hope that I (and everyone else) feel better tomorrow :P


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you had a decent weekend too...

by the sounds of things. glad to hear it...ferries during memorial day weekend always sucks, no matter what. I am slacking on my HW too.


btw, I was also injured in a bike incident last week. ankle is healing ok, but it still hurt like a bitch!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Quote: "because I'm lazy and

Quote: "because I'm lazy and have had no sexual stimulation of any kind for the past 3 days :("

Really... your bicthing about not having any sexual stimulation in 3 days?... Give me a break :(... I haven't had any in weeks.... if we are simply talking about jacking off :(

You sir need to quit complianing :(

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...you haven't tried? Or... your attempts always end in frustration?

If the latter, please PM!

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I have PMed you

I have PMed you