pagan angels

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I saw his face through a screen today, his eyes like blinking lullabies, and I wondered if he knew I lied. I am undeserving, I am weak and self-destructive. No longer can I look in his eyes and say I have never lied. The nature of the lie itself is inconsequential but the simple act shows the worst aspect of myself - my desire for self-perfection, even only in appearances, on the surface.

Oh, I wish I could give all of you the love I have. You'd do much better with it.

How I miss him, dearly. How close he will be tomorrow, yet unattainable, distant. I think I will go surprise him, look into his eyes, see in them the purest love I'll know.


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Your verbal sculptures amaze

Efficient... not a word wasted!

And... the ambiguity is unsettling... but, with deliberate intention?

Can't tell :(

Whether fiction or not (dunno)... it, indeed, qualifies as art!

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deliberate, non-fiction
thank you ~

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Again... brevity rules :)