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I fell asleep like an old lady in the living room this evening. When I woke up, Grey’s Anatomy was on, and I knew it was the wedding episode, so I decided to watch it. I’ve watched a few episodes here and there, but I don’t watch every week. So my mom was away from the TV doing other things for most of the episode but she sat down and watched the last ten or fifteen minutes. AND OMG, GUESS WHAT?! When Callie and Arizona kissed she didn’t say “Ew” like a child nor did she say some variation of, “Why do there have to be gay people on every show?”


Have I given you enough hints, Mom? Guess I have…

I still feel pretty awkward when watching any kind of same-sexyness interaction on screen with her, but hey, we got through The Kids Are Alright and formed a mutual hate for it, so I think we can get through anything now.:P

But seriously, I hope she knows that what what she saw on Grey’s Anatomy is my future. Though it will be a legal ceremony. Well, that’s if Harper doesn’t mess around with the law in the next few years, but lets not bring such ugly thoughts into this.

I just hope she ends up being more like Arizona’s mom and less like Callie’s. :D

And, oh hey there, haven't been around in a bit. Hope everybody's doing great!