Prom was Fantastic.

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From left to right: Girl whom I will codename 'Bonnie' for no apparent reason, Leaena with a truly fantastic mask, me, Regi.

A better look at my costume, though it still doesn't capture said costume's full fabulousness. Heheh, 'fabulous' is such a gay word.

Anyway, yes, I was thoroughly satisfied with the way the whole prom thing worked out.

I ended up having to rent a vest (boo, I wanted to buy one and have it and I also wanted it to have a watch-pocket, but alas. Heheh, I just started a sentence with 'boo' and ended it with 'alas.' That amuses me for some reason. I'm in a good mood.), which meant that it was too big for me (it was a small, but apparently my chest is just that tiny) but also meant that it was a nice pinkish-purplish color, which it certainly would not have been under other circumstances. And by sheer luck, it happened to be almost the same color as Leaena's skirt, so we were almost doing the color-coordinating-couple thing. So yes. I was happy with the vest. But I still want to own a black one with a watch-pocket for my pocket-watch, because I am that much of a nerd and would wear it whenever I thought I could get away with it.

Also we dyed my hair dark brown (it was supposed to be black, but apparently blond hair doesn't turn properly black even when treated twice with Blackest Black temporary hair dye), and since the truly temporary spray-on hair coloring did not work, my hair is going to be brown for the next week or so, which is okay, and gives Regi ample time to Doctor-Stalk it.

So a bunch of us (those pictured above, Bonnie's and Regi's dates, and several parents) convened at Regi's house to take photos and apply makeup and such -
I wore makeup, by the way, aren't you proud of me. I had lipstick that was almost the same color as my vest but also not too different from the color of my actual lips, so I don't know how noticeable it actually was, and I let Bonnie put a little bit of eyeliner and mascara on my eyes and especially my eyebrows, because even though my mask covers my eyebrows I didn't want to have blond eyebrows with my dark hair. I did end up putting sideburns on, too, but not until dinner, because I didn't want my mother to find out about them. I like having drawn-on sideburns; I wish it were more acceptable for me to wear them more often.
- and now I've forgotten where this sentence was going before I interrupted it. Ah well.

So yes, we went to dinner and that was nice, and I'm not sure how scared Bonnie's date and Regi's Compickle were to find out what nerds (specifically, Doctor Stalking nerds) their partners and their partners' friends were, because our conversation was very nerdly. Like, working-to-convince-everyone-that-Miss-Frizzle-is-definitely-a-Time-Lord nerdly. Heheheheh. Then we headed over to the dance, which was in a big sort of empty-warehouse-type-thing decorated in Mardi Gras colors.

I should mention that the Compickle had a Phantom of the Opera mask and a little cape, which was great, but alas, I think he left them in the coat check and I was left as the only one wearing a cape on the dance floor.

There was a chocolate fondue fountain, although that is only to be expected.

Soon enough after the dance began, I saw that Leigh was there. I was furious.
Now, he had told me, when I asked him to go with me, that he didn't want to go with anyone. He cited various reasons that all seemed a bit inadequate to me - money, asthma, et cetera et cetera - but basically said that he wouldn't go with me because he really, really didn't want to go to prom.
And I believed him. I think I believed him to be a truly honest person, more honest than I am, until I saw him there. I believed that he had honestly meant everything he had ever said at least at the time he said it - and, sadly, I still sort of believe that. And I believed that he would keep to his word in some things - maybe not keeping old promises dug up from before things changed, but simple things like saying 'I'm not going to prom, not with anyone,' while prom tickets were already for sale.
I do think I had a far better evening than I would have if he had consented to be my prom partner. I'm not bitter, unless I'm misunderstanding what bitter means. But by being there he did manage to make me understand that he doesn't have even the slight scrap of decency that I didn't even know I had attributed to him.
He didn't even wear a mask. The Leigh I knew would have come just because he could wear a mask.
On top of all that, he came with Grey's sister.
I resolved to beat him up, or at least punch him, once the dance was over and being kicked out wouldn't be an issue. Consequences be hanged.

And then, I actually danced. Quite a bit, really. Once with Regi and twice with Leaena, but mostly by myself. Myself and my swirling cape. It drew a lot of attention, actually - good attention, I'm pretty sure. Some people recognised me immediately, some didn't recognise me at all, many were surprised when they finally figured it out. I wonder what the aftermath will be at school tomorrow - how many variants of 'I saw you dancing, with that cape' comments. I don't even think I'm overestimating the amount of attention I drew. Heheheh. I went from being the awkward kid who stood still, literally with her back to the wall, chatting with the special-education kids and most definitely not dancing at the eighth-grade dance four years ago, to quite possibly dominating prom with a fantastic swooshy cape. I'm rather proud of myself, actually.

Unexpectedly, the dance went until twelve rather than eleven. I found Leigh - that wasn't hard to do, as he had been, rather like me actually, dancing extravagantly at the outskirts of the mass of people mooshed together in the center of the dance floor, and would have been even more fabulous than me if he had had a cape and a mask - and got a decent opportunity to punch him, but chickened out for fear of the consequences. A few moments later, after I had berated myself a bit for failing, another opportunity arose and I actually did it. I'm not sure the punch actually landed - he was pretty good about blocking it - but it was satisfying to have done it. He looked very confused, but I didn't look long. I walked over to the coat check to retrieve my purse and gloves, and since nobody accosted me then or ever, I assume that neither Leigh nor any of the witnesses reported a harmless incident of premeditated assault. Muahahaha.

Then we females went to Leaena's house, showered, changed into pajamas, et cetera et cetera. I helped Regi pull seventy-nine bobby pins out of her hair - it was hilarious, really, because only about three of them were visible from the outside, but every time we took one out we uncovered another whole nest of them, until eventually we were all clustered around Regi, laughing and exclaiming 'Holy crap! More bobby pins!' Seventy-nine.
And after my hair had been washed clean of gel and was falling in brown locks onto my forehead, Regi made a priceless facial expression that said that she wanted to Stalk that hair for all time, and started touching it and purring, because Regi purrs. Apparently my hair has magic powers of attracting girls, provided that the girls in question are nerds and have known me since kindergarten and like to touch everybody anyway. So, Regi.

Anyway, then I hogged the sofa and fell asleep, and the fourth kid (who wasn't actually Bonnie, but could just as well have been for purposes of this story) fell asleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, while Regi and Leaena watched nerdy science-fiction television programmes (something about a magical blinking baby, and something else about Spock throwing purple soup at people) at ungodly hours of the night-morning-witching-time.

Oh yes. Prom night was fantastic.


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